I was answering a سوال today under فورم because someone had asked "how we know so much about the characters and their back grounds?" Well I gave a pretty lengthy answer but it's worth mentioning again I think.

آپ see when you're as passionate about something as a die hard lion king پرستار آپ can understand where I am coming from. آپ see these characters as real, even though آپ know they aren't. It's about the extensive research into the minds and hearts of the characters we've come to know and love. I can't tell آپ how many what if? Stories and scenarios I personally have come up with and also have read and آپ know they always make sense in theory! But it's not the fact that it's not canon یا that they will never (sad to say) make another sequel as good as the first but it's the fact that us شائقین have something to hold on to.

Let's take Kopa for instance,yeah,yeah we all know he doesn't really exist according to film canon but! That doesn't mean he doesn't exist! He exists because someone thought it would be cool to make a a continuity where Simba has a son instead of a daughter. And the way I see it, is that it's just an alternate universe where things played out differently. All these characters that these people come up with just extend the life of the pride lands and opens up our minds to new and better things.

Okay,so I went on a tangent there,sorry! But the point it that we need everyone's creative mind to build this idea of the lion king. Basically,the way I see it is that someone started this idea and everyone else is playing in on it. And it means so much مزید to people than just a movie. To me personally I've loved this cartoon ever sense I can remember! I know every word and line and detail! I can quote anyone and I can answer any quiz! What's the point? Because I've been dedicated to research and finding out all those weird little facts no one else knows یا even thinks about.

So in short, the lion king is and will forever be the best film out there! No matter if Frozen 5 comes out lion king will always be #1 and the characters will always be something special!