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Spoilers and Opinion

If آپ haven't watched the movie I suggest leaving یا if you've seen the movie but can't understand that people are entitled to their own opinion then I also suggest leaving.

Also if آپ see a word all in caps, I'm not yelling I'm just proving a point...

Enjoy :^)

I've watched the show, movie whatever with nervous expectations. I was worried that it may either rise the legendary franchise یا destroy it almost instantly. After watching I have mix emotions, Happy, sad, furious, disappointed and other emotions.

The only thing in the movie when I had the biggest smile that I had from the little movie is that; they kept a small clip of the classic soundtrack in the beginning (before it got to the edited part...) , the fact that Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki didn't lose their charm and the voices for both Pumbaa and Mufasa. That's really it.

I was kinda unhappy with the way they were saying things like for example when Nala کہا "That's our boy" I kinda became slightly unhappier, I mean he's not a human at least say "that's our cub" یا something she would say in TLK.

Another part I was unhappy with was at the part where Kiara hurt her paw during the stampede, I was surprised and not to mention disappointed at Simba for not going to save his OWN cub from danger like what his father did to him, and I don't believe in the "he might've been scared to be killed" bullsh*t because Mufasa saved Simba just fine from the stampede of wildebeests and would of made it out just fine if it wasn't for SCAR throwing him back down, plus the worst that would happen to Simba is get a couple of bruises یا scratches and also it's antelopes about four times smaller of a facking wildebeest.

From that scene Kiara was just fine where she was behind a ROCK.... if it was a درخت like the one in TLK then save her but if she's behind a boulder sized rock WHY save her when she was fine?

I also find the whole Scar being a leader of something that benefited the pride lands is completely stupid, Scar was never a leader of anything besides a large group of hyenas which sadly worked... And Scar didn't just think he was supposed to be king, he was jealous

The whole 'guard' thing is basically a big fack آپ to the lionesses I mean آپ have FIVE powerful MALE lions with a risk of one of them trying to over throw the king, why would آپ have them when آپ already have about 10 یا مزید lionesses who are just as strong and much مزید trustworthy, like they have been for the past two movies. Also the only lions there were in the pride lands (before Simba) was Scar and Mufasa then آپ got the lionesses that's it no more.

A part in the movie I've face palmed or... well I didn't but i pretty much became مزید confused and gave no sense, when Simba کہا 'a lion guard has always been nothing but lions' ok whatever but after that یا after whatever Kion کہا Simba then کہا "there's other lions around that can be part of the guard" یا something among those lines. I became confused because how are آپ supposed to find four یا five مزید male lion cubs without leaving the pride lands when obviously the only cubs there are are Kion, Kiara, and the other two female cubs. And even if he did find four یا five male lion cubs how would he یا Simba expect that their father's pride wouldn't try to over take the pride lands? and I won't take the 'their father is Simba' NO he won't because if they were they would of been shown in the movie along with the other two female cubs hanging out with Kiara. Which the two female cub's father would be Simba since Simba is the only male in the pridelands.

What also don't make scene is a CUB roaring... I mean I'm glad they pointed out he can't really roar but he still did... and also I don't find the roar special... I mean yes it's loud but it don't physically harm you, maybe your eardrum but nothing really else.

Another thing is that honey بیجر, بادگار is probably the most annoying character I've ever seen, I mean seriously dude shut up and calm down your making things terribly awkward. Speaking of the honey بیجر, بادگار how is Timon a meerkat and Pumbaa a warthog related to him? (Edit: it was explained in a later episode, my bad ^)

A big disappointment is that they treated Nala like they did in TLK2... have her say the fewest of lines and then never to been seen again until towards the end... I expected مزید from her but obviously the writers care little to nothing about her anymore.

And the اندازی حرکت I hear people are unhappy with the most. I could careless if it was changed... یا if it was CGI اندازی حرکت because tbh nothing is traditionally drawn anymore and they never did anything hand drawn since the last Disney movie that had hand drawn اندازی حرکت (princess and the frog I believe)

At the end of all this, I enjoyed it, it was ok I mean it wasn't bad where it brought the franchise down and it was definitely without an doubt no where near better than TLK 1, it was ok with flaws that a Lion King پرستار like myself would spot and become unhappy with.

I'll give it a rating of 6.5/10, and I know I've listed مزید of the flaws then the good but that's really all I've seen in my eyes as a Lion King پرستار but it's still good for what it is.