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These are of course only my own, personal TOP10 reasons for loving it. :)

1. It's very unlike your standard Disney cartoon. It's dark and psychologically deep and complex story and doesn't sugar کوٹ anything. Even the dead stay dead. Apart from Mufasa's ghost coming to guide Simba, but he was still dead! And unlike usually, the "resurrection" actually works for the story instead of being there to make kids happy. I mean, without the ghost scene the story would've been very different.

2. It bases on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' mixed with a bit of the story of Moses from the Bible. That makes the story...
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I just stumbled over the seemingly مقبول interpretation that Mufasa's ghost was only in Simba's mind and that's why he didn't tell the truth about how he died. I was like 'Whaaaat?!' That never crossed my mind, in all these 15 years.

I guess it is kinda left up to the viewers interpretation in the film but Mufasa truly appearing to guide his son, fits the theme of the story much better than just Simba's imagination.

Rafiki had summoned him. آپ know Rafiki was able to do weird stuff, such as seeing that Simba is alive and where to find him, سے طرف کی doing something to the dust in the wind that had...
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On a very rainy دن in the Wildlands a little cub was born it's mum named it Zira.Zira loved her mum but one دن she died,she got killed سے طرف کی another lion in a fight for the land.Zira was very unhappy about her mum's death,so she run away into the Pridelands and when she was running she slipped and fell into the water.
When she was calling for help a different lion heard her and came to save her.Once she asked the lion "What's your name" she asked
"My name is Scar" he replied "My real name is Taka" کہا the lion,"How did آپ get the name Scar" Zira asked him and he کہا "I have an older brother...
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in the video, it shows Simba, and his family with his mom and dad.
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