As is natural, Tina whirled around. She had expected to see a beaver, یا a faun. But instead, she saw a girl, roughly her age. "Who are you?" Tina asked, completely bewildered. "I'm Lucy. Who are you? Where are we?"
"My name is Tina. آپ wouldn't happen to be Lucy Pevensie, would you? سے طرف کی the way, we are in Narnia, I think."
"Uh, yes. I am Lucy Pevensie. How did آپ know? And it is awfully nice to meet آپ Tina."
"Thank you. Nice to meet you, too. I now آپ from the books!"
"What books?"
"Why, The Chronicles of Narnia, of course!"
"You never read them?"
"No! I've never even heard of them!" There was a long pause in their conversation, as Tina wondered how she could have met Lucy, as the کتابیں were set many years before. Obviously, Narnia did exist, so it couldn't have ended. Also, it was winter, so it couldn't be the real Narnia. And she had seen the White Witch, meaning that it was the Witch's ruling time. Unless, she suddenly thought, C.S. Lewis was writing about future times, and I am in the story. But wait. I wasn't written about.
"Oh, um, never mind then," Tina کہا kind of sheepishly. "I got here through a book. آپ came here through...a...wardrobe. Right?"
"Yes. That's right. But how do آپ know so much abut me?"
"The books." Lucy opened her mouth, but Tina interrupted. "Please don't ask, it would take me far too long to explain." Lucy's mouth closed.
"Well, I've got to get back now," Lucy said.
"Yeah, I'd better be off, too."
"See you."
Tina suddenly felt a whirlpool-type-thing sucked her in, and she found herself back in her room. She noticed that she was drenched, and she knew her mum would kill her, if she saw Tina in the state she was in. So she hurriedly took her clothes off, dried herself, put her wet ones in the clothes hamper,slipped into fresh pajamas, and jumped back into bed, just as her mother came in with some soup. "How are آپ feeling, dear?"
"Aww, my poor little girl. Drink this soup. It will make آپ feel better." Her mother left the room.
Tina stared up at the ceiling and smiled, knowing that she was one of the few people who had ever been to Narnia. She smiled because, for once, her dream had become a reality. And she slept.

The اگلے دن her grandpa came back. She knew she could trust him, yet she decided not to tell him. Grandpa picked up the book. "Hey, grandpa, is Narnia real?" Tina asked this just for fun. Her grandpa's answer surprised her. "Well, Tina, آپ shall only know if آپ go there." So like Grandpa.
Grandpa started the story, and Tina felt the tug of magic...