Tina felt the tug of magic, and she knew that she was headed back to Narnia. She didn't know how she knew, she just...knew. She leaped up from her بستر and grabbed a nice thick coat, and slipped into shoes and socks. "Tina, sweetie, what are آپ doing?"
"Don't ask grandpa, just لپیٹ, لفاف کریں your کوٹ tightly around yourself and keep reading." But her grandpa just sat there. He knew what Tina was doing. He , himself had been to Narnia 5 times as a child. When he had visited there for the 5th time, he was 13. Aslan had told him he was too old. He understood, and he had discovered Aslan's name in our world.

Tina jumped back into bed, and her grandpa kept reading. Tina felt herself getting whisked away, and اگلے thing she knew, she was standing near that same lamppost. She turned and saw Edmund. She somehow knew it was Edmund. It was just...Edmund.
"How do آپ do, sir?"
"Wow! Aren't آپ polite!" was his harsh reply.
"Well, my mother always taught me to be."
"What's your name?"
"Well, what do آپ think it is?"
"Wha- How did آپ know?"
"I have my sources. And besides, آپ look like an Edmund. آپ have a sister, yes? Lucy, I believe."
"Yes. How did آپ know?"
"I met her here."
"By the way, what is this place?"
"Impossible!" Just then, they both heard sleigh bells. Tina became suddenly pale. "The White Witch," she whispered. "Hide!" Then she ducked into the trees, and kept an eye on Edmund.

The White Witch pulled up, and if آپ have read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, آپ will know what happens. Tina saw all this unfold before her very eyes. When the White Witch drove away, she jumped up, really angry with Edmund.
"How dare you, آپ traitor! She's an enemy!"
"Oh, shut your trap." He was even مزید rude than before.
"How about آپ just get out of here?"
"I think I will!" With that Edmund turned around, and went calmly through the trees. Once he had disappeared, Tina saw a figure-no wait two- moving towards the lamppost. She saw Lucy with a faun. When Lucy کہا goodbye, she turned and saw Tina. "Goodbye, Tina. I shall be back."
"Goodbye, Lucy." Then Lucy put her arms around Tina's, and Tina returned the hug. That was the start of their friendship. Lucy disappeared, and so did the faun. Then she heard the bells again, and this time it came from behind her...