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posted by nannyrox13
I love the nanny and fran آپ know even though the nanny was on a long time پہلے it should apprieciate مزید on nick at nite. Fran is 52 and is living her life to the fullest she needs to be appreciated more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody loves george lopez i barly watch it i'm not picking on anyone who likes it but i don't so stop hating on everybody who likes the nanny and living with fran i love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really hope some دن i get to meet fran یا be in a movie with her because i have had all the laed roles in all the plays i have been in
posted by crazygirl4rl
I think they should make مزید episodes...anybody agree?? It is so funny when Fran lies about her age and Niles and CC score on each other and then get married at the end....Who wouldn't like is soooooooooooooooo hilarious. It trips me out all the time! But, seriously why did they منسوخ it...anybody know. Post comments!! It really is funny. But, seriously it is funnny and is a really good show. At first I thought it sucked. then i thought it still sucked. then i thought it was okay, but i would only watch it if i have absolutly nothing to watch. then i kinda liked it. then i LOVED it to DEATH!!!! I thought it was hilarious...and every night at 10 i would watch it on channel 59 for regular cable. So, give it a chance please!!!! comment!!