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posted by blackmagic101
this is a فہرست of the cats we have in the clan so far. i will post these when we get new clan members. if i do not keep up on them plea do it your self. please we need مزید members get the word out! ask friends, یا fellow cat lovers, if آپ in a nether clan ask them if they want to join. now i will stop rambling on and on and gee آپ the list.

dawnstripe- Sugarstorm- warrior

rennerocks- Flareheart- deputy

blackmagic101- Sunstar- leader

moonglow123- Solarpaw- apprentice
Solarrpaw's mentor is flareheart.

again, we need some مزید members please spread the word. we need warrior, queens, apprentices, and kits. elders wanted but not needed.

~ Sunstar
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