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Front man Carl Newman of The New Pornographers has organized a mini-festival in Stanley Park. He's brought all his پسندیدہ bands with him to raise money for charity.
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posted by fuel2big
Every Now and again I accidentally discover some amazing Group of Talented Musicians but this time It was my wife Emily who discovered The New Pornographers.

It was about 3 years پہلے I saw The New pornographers on a Late Night موسیقی دکھائیں here in Australia and I was mighty impressed but did'nt follow up and Hunt them down.... My Loss.

So around 6 weks پہلے Emily saw " Hands Together "
and Liked the Martial Arts Theme, she sent it to a freind of hers in Western Australia and then showed it to me.

I really liked it and Became curious about the Group and ever since then I have been totally Blown Away...
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Source: Slacker Radio
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Source: Slacker Radio