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 All I Want Is Two-Bit
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آپ were sitting in the living room of the curtis house hold right اگلے to two-bit. آپ have had a crush on two-bit for a long time. He was always she around آپ and never really talked to آپ but when he did his words would always get mixed up. "Hey" he says in a sweet and delicate tone. Your surprised but آپ manage to say Hi back. He says " Juliana I have never noticed how beautiful your smile is"he blushes and so do آپ and آپ say "Not really but thank you!" آپ suddenly feel out of place and awkward. Then he grabs hold of your hand and looks آپ in the eyes and says "Juliana will you...
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“So, yes??” Ponyboy asks, standing in your front yard, with all the balloons.

“I thought آپ کہا we weren’t going.” آپ whisper.

“But I want to spend prom with the girl I love, and I want to see آپ in a pretty dress.”

“I don’t think I can afford a dress,” آپ mumble.

He grins. “Which is why we are going dress shopping.”

“What?” It’s your turn to grin now.

“You heard me. Johnny and Two-Bit are in the car to help out.” He says.

“Are آپ serious?” آپ ask, amazed.

“Yeah, c’mon into the car آپ go.” He picks up bridal style, walking آپ down the walkway and...
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Another sharp pang to your stomach left ignored. آپ had been having contractions for the past week now, but nothing seemed to be happening.

You were at the Curtis house; waiting for Soda to get ہوم from work. Ponyboy had been watching آپ for today, making sure آپ “didn’t overwork yourself” and “was smart.”

The pain struck آپ again, and آپ just groan. “Baby Grace آپ are early. آپ aren’t supposed to come out for another two weeks. You’re annoying me.” آپ talk to the bulge in your belly.

“(Y/N), are آپ ok?” Ponyboy asks from his bedroom.

“I’m fine.” آپ answer...
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The sun warmed your body, the sand hot underneath you.

“Enjoying your nap?” Johnny asks, smiling.

You اقدام your arm to block the sun out of your eyes.

“I was until آپ had to ruin it.” آپ groan.

“I’m sorry.” He says, laying down on his stomach اگلے to you.

“You know, you’re really boring at the beach. All you’ve done is sleep.” He groans.

“Because I’m tanning and I like sleeping.” آپ mumble

“Well that’s kinda boring. Why don’t آپ come into the water?”

“Because it’s freezing.” آپ complain.

“It’s not that cold.”

“I beg to differ.”

“Well, آپ have...
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yet ANOTHER poem...
i am just full of these

i would crawl a thousand miles for آپ
i would walk two thousand
i would run three thousand
i would embrace four thousand

i would do anything for آپ
i would jump off a cliff
i would run down a mountain
i would تلاش a thousand cities

i would use an upside down map
i would cry until i had no مزید tears
i would fight two hundred men
i would risk my own life

so, do آپ see?
do آپ now finally see?
i would do anything and everything
if it meant i could be with آپ
 this is my copy of The Outsiders, the one i دکھائیں Ponyboy
this is my copy of The Outsiders, the one i show Ponyboy
*Ponyboy Online*

Ponyboy looked over the cover of the book. he put it back on the میز, جدول and asked me, "is that supposed to be ME?" he was reffering to the face on the the cover, the one on سب, سب سے اوپر of all the others; the largest.

"i guess so. i dont really know. i never thought about it, Ponyboy," i said. he looked at me and smiled. i dont know why. he didnt really have any reason to smile. and ya know what? he had a real nice smile. it just made me wanna jump up and down and giggle and grin. he had the same girl-stopping smile that i imagined his older brother Sodapop to have. it was cute and sweet...
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آپ and Darry have been dating for what seemed like a while now. آپ two were perfect for each other. Darry storms into the room. "What's wrong honey?" آپ say in the sweetest voice possible."Where were آپ last night?" He asks almost screaming at you. "I told آپ I went out to the dingo to go eat, since آپ were out working late" آپ say. "You sure about that Bethany?!" " I went to go surprise آپ and there آپ were sitting flirting with a greaser! How could آپ Bethany!?"he says. He looked as if he was about to burst out crying. آپ stood there surprised. "Darry I would never!" آپ say "The...
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آپ and steve have been دوستوں since آپ were toddlers. آپ were sitting on the porch of your house and آپ see him approaching. آپ look at his stunning eyes and it's when آپ finally notice that آپ like him but not like a friend anymore, آپ want him to be just yours and no one elses. He comes to آپ and says "Hey Kayla!" "Hey Steve!" He grabs hold of your hands and pulls آپ closer to him. Your confused as to what he is doing but آپ just go with it. He looks at آپ and says " I love you" and kisses آپ on your lips for what seemed like an endless amount of time. آپ withdraw from his lips and look at him smiling and آپ say "I love آپ too steve" his face lights up and says "You do kayla?" "Yes steve, I always have" and he plants another kiss on your lips and hugs آپ ...

The end!
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