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 the outsiders: imagine
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the outsiders
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Steve was holding Grace, آپ were making a bottle.

Steve was great babysitter; holding the baby in one hand, a بیئر in the other, watching a football game.

“You see Grace, that’s a first down. We’re doing good.” He says, pointing at the screen.

“It’s not like she’s going to like football.” آپ say as آپ hand him the bottle.

“Nah, Grace is gonna be the first girl quarterback, aren’t آپ Grace?” Your boyfriend says, giving her a gentle squeeze.

آپ smile as آپ lean against the door frame, looking at your boyfriend.

He smiles up at you. “When can we get one?”

“Get one?” آپ laugh.
First of all my sisters been writing but shes gotten lazy with posting so I'll be posting she'll be writing

    We went to the فلمیں and it was fine I had my arm around Kim and Dally had his around Rene but Ponyboy was mean to Kim and slime ball Angela whined throughout the movie. I think that’s the only time Pony’s truthfully wanted to pull a blade on someone. We had a few cokes and when we climbed under the fence and they didn’t whine I knew these were our type of girls well at least Kim and Rene were. Angela on the other hand whined when we climbed under the...
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“Do آپ like plants?”

“Ummm… Sure?” آپ answer your boyfriend Two-Bit.

“That’s not a good answer.”

“Ok I don’t like plants?”

“Wrong answer.”

“I like plants?”



“Because I got آپ one.” He looks up towards the ceiling.

“Oh…” آپ say, it finally clicking. “I like this plant.”

“Good.” He grins as he kisses you.
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“Hey, Katie-Kat. I got you.” He picks up the crying new born.

It must have been about two in the morning, and the baby had been crying off and on again for hours.

“Hey baby girl, I got you. I got you.” He says, holding her up to his chest and rocking back and forth. “We’re all good. We’re all good.”

He walks around the room a few minutes, bouncing the baby up and down till she stops crying, and slowly starts to fall back asleep.

“Katherine Jane Winston,” he muttered, looking at his half asleep daughter. “You’re going to be so beautiful one day. آپ know that? I’ll do anything for you. Anything آپ need. Your daddy’s right here. And so is your big brother, and your mommy. But most of all I’m here, and I got you.” He smiles.

The baby snores softly, but he doesn’t want to put her down. He’s in love.
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“Well… Johnny. This is it. Your first real date.” Dally says, looking at him from the couch.

“Yeah… I know dad.” Johnny says rolling his eyes.

“Don’t be too aggressive.”

“Oh my god dad.” Johnny shakes his head.

“I’m just telling you. If آپ do anything to hurt Grace, یا even like, get close to her, I’m gonna have to kill you, because Soda’s going to kill me.”


“I’m not joking. If آپ even give her a hug and Soda comes running over I’m gonna have to kill you.” He nods his head.

“Dad.. We’re going to the Dingo nothing bad’s going to happen.”...
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آپ looked at him. "I'm moving" آپ said. His smiled faded into a frown. اگلے week آپ got moved into the house. آپ moved into the rich neiborhood. آپ hated it there so much. "Y/N آپ have to start dressing like a Soc." your mom said. "Fine" آپ کہا and folded your arms. آپ called Ruthie as soon as آپ moved in. آپ had a week off of school. "Hello?" "Hi Ruthie it's Y/N" آپ کہا and smiled. "Oh hi so آپ got moved in?" "Yeah. But I was wondering if آپ wanted to go shopping with me?" "Yeah for what?" "I'll tell آپ when I see you" آپ said. "Okay where do آپ want me to meet you?" "At...
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The house was completely empty, just a skeleton.

The Christmas درخت was in the corner of what would be your family room.

You and Ponyboy had just bought a house together, and were pretty much broke. آپ hadn’t gotten furniture یا anything. Just you, آپ boyfriend, some blankets and pillows, and the Christmas درخت in the corner.

You sit سے طرف کی the fireplace, having a beer, and look up at the Christmas tree. There was just a strand of lights on it, nothing much.

” I have something for the tree.” Ponyboy says, smiling as he walks in.

“What’s that?” آپ ask.

He sits down beside you, and hands...
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موسیقی video based on the movie "The Outsiders".
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Part 2 of the mixed scenes from the movie "The Outsiders".
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Mixed scenes from the movie "The Outsiders".
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