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This The Outsiders تصویر contains کنسرٹ. There might also be گٹارسٹ and گٹار کھلاڑی.

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آپ hear the موسیقی begin to play as آپ take hold of your Dads arm, nervous. Everyone is there, all of Ponys family, and all of yours. آپ knew from the منٹ آپ met him آپ wanted to marry him, and it was finally happening. آپ see ٹٹو standing at the end of the aisle. It's almost like he's a shining light, and آپ know that your supposed to be right beside him. آپ get to the end of the aisle, and your Dad hands آپ off to your only true love, Pony. He takes your hands in his and rubs your knuckles, mouthing "You look beautiful, Victoria." To آپ as the ceremony begins. آپ say the vows,...
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I stopped in the doorway, shocked. I heard her crying before I saw her. I was going to meet her for the first time. Faith Curtis. My baby girl.

I’m still in my uniform, so I should act like soldier; but it takes all that I have not to sprint over to (Y/N) and the baby.

She had left the other kids home, to surprise them for when I came home. And to give me some time to meet Faith.

I give (Y/N) a long, kiss. I pull away.

“Can I hold her?” I whisper.

(Y/N) nods, tears in her eyes.

She hands me the baby, gently. I take her in my hands, carefully. She was so small; smaller than Grace and Logan was...
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video highway to Hell song.
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You've been dating Sodapop exactly a سال now. Today was your one سال anniversary. Soda کہا he had a surprise for you, and told آپ to meet him at the DX at 7:30. As آپ walked there آپ saw 3 greaser girls flirting with Soda and Steve, "Hey lookie there, Soda, it's Liana." Steve yelled as waved آپ to come over to them. آپ felt tears starting to form in your eyes and then Soda ran toward آپ and picked آپ up and spun آپ around. "Liana, I'm sorry, nothing happened, I promise." "Don't worry I believe you, it's just I want آپ to he mine and I don't like sharing." آپ کہا with a grin. "Hey...
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I woke in in the night from the sound of a pebble, knocking on my window. I got up swiftly to see what it was, and there, in the glow of the moonlight stood Sodapop Curtis, my secret greaser boyfriend. "You ready?" He called. "Always" I replied. I yanked off my night gown, and underneath was a cute greaser girl outfit I had bought to impress Soda. I was Soc, but I wanted to impress him, I don't want to be soc. I ran down the stairs quietly, and slipped out of the front door. I ran over to the چیری, آلو بالو درخت where soda waits for me, and saw he big blue eyes staring at me. "What are آپ wearing?"...
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I was on my way ہوم from the Dingo, and it was starting to get dark. Usually, I wouldn't walk ہوم سے طرف کی myself when it's dark out, but I only lived a few blocks away. It was a cold November night, and I shivered a little when the fall breeze blew past me. There were leaves rustling around on the ground, and they looked like mini tornadoes the way the swirled in circles. As I was walking, I saw two headlights in front of me, and it appeared to be a red mustang. 'Socs' I کہا to myself. I began to get a bit nervous, because I have heard stories from Johnny about Greasers getting jumped سے طرف کی Socs....
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The noise and laughter blurred as آپ began to nod off, head on Johnny’s shoulder.

“Hey,” your boyfriend says, gently shaking آپ awake. “You got to stay up till midnight.”

“Whyyy?” آپ whine.

“Because someone wants a New Year’s kiss from you.” He rolls his eyes.

“Fine.” آپ say. “Now how much longer do I have to stay awake?”

He glances at the clock. “Five minutes.”

“That’s so long.”

“Not really babe.” He laughs.

You just sit in silence for a couple minutes, taking in the rest of the party as Johnny played with your hair on the couch.

“One منٹ left!”...
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آپ sighed. آپ were ridiculously tired; beyond exhaustion. Things just weren’t going the way they should be. The stress had built up a دیوار around you.

And آپ couldn’t get out.

So آپ just cried. آپ couldn’t do anything else.

“Hey, (Y/N)…” Dally walks into your room, about to ask آپ something, then stops. “Babe, what’s wrong?” He says quietly, coming to sit down اگلے to آپ on the bed.

“I’m just… Tired.” Is all آپ could say

“I know the feeling,” he says as he starts to rub your back.

“What are آپ doing?” آپ sniffle.

“Giving آپ a massage; what else?” He grins. “It’ll make آپ feel better.”

“Thanks,” آپ manage to smile.