Devastated Mike watched Debra leave with Simon. Apparently they had known each other a long time ago. Simon had کہا something about helping Debra escape. What was that supposed to mean? Was she an ex-convict?
Again Mike was astounded سے طرف کی how little he knew about his partner and again he promised he would do something about it.
But first he had to find a way out of these ropes. He started moving and twisting his left wrist. He felt his skin burning underneath the rope, but instead of going easier he picked up the pace and a couple of painful منٹ his hand was loose.
He quickly untied his right hand, stood from the chair and hurried to the window. From the way Debra was moving he could see she wasn’t going willingly at all.
Mike realized Debra had merely tried to اقدام the threat away from him. Wonder filled his body, as he never thought his partner would do such a selfless thing.
Indignation came instead when he saw how Simon tightened his grip on Deb. He moved away from the window and conjured his phone.
He noticed the missed calls from Ryan and pushed the redial button.
Ryan was at the police station, with Molly who was in for a statement. He pulled out his phone and when he saw who it was, he turned to Molly.
“I have to take this” he کہا apologizing. “Are آپ going to be okay?”
“Yeah, sure. Go ahead. Pick up” Molly reassured him softly.
Ryan picked up. “Mike, where’ve آپ been? I’ve been trying to call you. How’s Parker? آپ went checking on her, right?”
Starting to get agitated Mike cut him off. “Ryan, آپ need to send backup to the hotel. One of Joe’s followers got to Debra. He’s taking her to his car right now”
Silence followed and Mike hoped Ryan wouldn’t need too much time to process the news. Three سیکنڈ later Ryan replied grim: “I’m on my way”