Simon’s eyes widened in fear as he felt the dagger pierce Debra’s flesh. He withdrew the چھری and watched Debra lose her balance. As she hit the pavers he grabbed his hair and tugged at it.
“What have آپ done?” he cried panicking. “Why did آپ do that?”
Debra frowned from pain and lay her hand on the stab wound.
Simon feverishly looked around to make sure no one was watching them. When he didn’t see anyone he looked down at Deb. “I’m sorry, Debra” he mumbled terrified.
Leaving her to die he backed away, nearly tripping over his own feet, turned around and ran away. That was exactly what Debra had been counting on. She swallowed and tried to get up.
It’s just a stab wound, Deb, she reproached herself when the pain seemed to be too bad to move. Gathering all her strength and will she slowly and challengingly stood and made her way back to the hotel.
Seeking support against the cars on the parking lot she shuffled forwards. A few yards away from the entrance of the hotel she stopped. She closed her eyes and begged herself not to faint. Just a little further.
She could hear sirens from a distance and when she opened her eyes she recognized a figure outside the hotel.
“Mike” she mumbled happily, before rolling her eyes and fainting.
When she opened her eyes again Mike was carrying her to an ambulance.
“Put me down, I can walk myself” Debra mumbled faint.
“Yeah, probably” Mike nodded. “I’ve just always wanted to be the hero who saves the damsel in distress”
“I’m not a damsel in distress” Debra protested weak.
“Humor me” Mike replied with a wink.