Molly was sitting in one of the hearing rooms at the police station. She had wanted Ryan to interview her, but that idiot of a Mike Weston had called him away.
If Joe found out what Simon had tried to do, he would be furious.
“Molly?” the inspector snapped his fingers before her eyes in attempt to bring her back from her thoughts. “I asked آپ a question. What was your gun doing at the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ table? Why didn’t آپ keep it somewhere safe?”
Molly rubbed her eyes tired. She could not believe the FBI let this newbie loose on her. But then again, every professional agent had left to go check on agent Parker, who just seemed to encounter one ordeal after the other. Molly nearly grinned, but quickly recovered herself as she remembered where she was.
“I already told you” she sighed deeply. “I went outside to put the trash out. I came back inside and walked to the living room. Then I realized I forgot to lock my backdoor. When I wanted to do that I heard a noise from outside the kitchen. So I grabbed my gun, which I keep in my drawer, and snuck to the kitchen. Joe Carroll and Emma ہل, لندن were standing there. Emma was pointing a gun at me”
The inspector nodded while he wrote everything down. “What did he want?” he asked.
“They wanted my help” Molly replied obvious. “Joe was badly injured and Emma was shot”
“And آپ helped them?” the inspector asked with one raised eyebrow.
“Of course I helped them!” Molly replied furious. “I’m a doctor. I save people, I don’t kill them!”
“Really?” the inspector asked skeptical. “Because when he was brought in to the hospital he was in pretty bad shape. And if he wanted your help, why did he knock آپ down?”
“He’d heard the cops. He was trying to escape” Molly explained.
“Lucky for us Ryan Hardy was there to prevent that from happening” the inspector said.
“Yeah, lucky for us” Molly muttered, her voice lacking all enthusiasm.