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posted by awesome23
butch-where is he?!
brick-i think i know lets go!--both fly--
blossom-where is she?
buttercup-how am i supposed to know
brick-i think i know!follow me--both fly--
**********in the sky**************************
--powerpuffs&rowdyruff bump heads--
brick:gross its you
butch:nows not a good time!! have آپ seen bubbles یا boomer?
blossom--stares at brick--and thinks*man he looks alot boyfriend blake!*thinks
brick:why are آپ staring at me?
buttercup:blossom..tell the truth
blossom:fine! its just look alot like my-my ex ---starts to...
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posted by XxPowerPuffxX
Well then..... Let's continue :P

Blossom: Um...Brick,I was wondering if آپ could-
Brick: Ew! Absolutly no!!!!!!
Butch: -whispers to Boomer- His acting better then I thought he would
Boomer: -whispers back- Does he realize it's art time and his blocking the crayons O_O

At recess...............

Blossom: -walks up to Brick-
Brick: Shut up Butch.............
Blossom: -taps on Bricks shoulder- Uhh...Brick,could we talk?
Brick: O.O I guess....
Butch: Me and Boomer will go,have fun آپ too -laughs and smirks-

To be continued..................
posted by XxPowerPuffxX
(Sorry I haven't done a lot of stories,I've been lazy)

The اگلے day...

Brick:I'll never be the same D:
Butch:Dude calm down,you have to forget sooner یا later
Boomer:Ya dude
Butch:But intill then...Blossom likes you,Blossom likes you!
Brick:Shut up! She does not!!

Just the Mojo walks in...

Mojo:Sorry to tell آپ boys at the last minute,but I have enrolled آپ in school
Bommer:What?!?! O.O
Mojo:So go run on boys,you better get going to school.

The boys go to school not knowing who they would meet...

Ms.Keane:Hello students,today we have 3 new students,come in boys and introduce yourselves
Brick:Um i'm Brick
Butch:Sup i'm Butch
Boomer:I'm Boomer!
Ms.Keane:Boys نشست سے طرف کی the PPGs

The boys are shocked and walk to their seats...

Blossom:Hi Brick! :D
Brick:-mutters- Hi Blossom.....
Butch:-whispers to Boomer- Oh how cute,Brick and Blossom are talking
Boomer:Hehe ya! Let's see how this turns out!!

To be continued....................
posted by bubbles223
Bubbles , boomer calls wear r آپ she calls bake in the room her pregnancy line was showen and she was in pain boomer could do Nuttin to help her but a week later she is now giveing berth to a baby girl she loke like boomer but like bubbles blossom ,brick , butch , bc were there and she had a sweet ending expect that Thay hant fond out that bubbles and boomer did آپ know wat and اگلے دن bubbles was.throwen. up and a kiking started at ,her tummy and that night ,she sleeps on the cowch and in the midl ,of the night she skrems Thay rush to the neerest hospitl and. She gave berth thar to a boy and named ,him

The end
One دن Butch was walking along the sidewalk and snow started to fall to the ground like a tear falling off a little girls eye.But anyways it was Christmas Eve and no one was out side except for butch.While he was walking he heard a soft crying sound so he went to investigate.When he turned around the alley he saw Buttercup crying softly and he went over.He just stared secretly scared he would hurt her feelings یا she would hate him if he bothered her but finaly he went close to her and whispered in her ear "its ok its just me." Butch:so whats wrong. buttercup looked up and saw the snow falling...
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Narrator: The City Of Townsville! Where the Powerpuff Girls are all grown up now but sadly the Rowdyruff boys got destroyed… but the Powerpuff girls have children of their own! Let’s see what they’re doing…

Bolt: But mom school is so…Boring!

(Bolt is Buttercups son he has Black and green hair.)

Buttercup: I know آپ think school is boring but I think you’ll like this school they have sports and stuff.

Bolt: okay…

(He Flys off to school now let’s see what Blossom and her daughter is doing)

Blossom: Bloom come on get up you’re already late for school!

Bloom: Okay mom (yawns and gets...
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 Blossom in middle school
Blossom in middle school
NARRATOR: Aha! It's middle school time for our girls! I bet they're excited!

BUTTERCUP: Man! This stinks! Stupid school! Why us?! Why ME?!

BUBBLES: Oh, cheer up Buttercup! 12 is the age آپ go to middle school!

BUTTERCUP: Yeah?! Then I wish I was 10!

BUBBLES: Then آپ would be in 4th grade.Besides, what about the boys?


BUBBLES: Just boys around school! Sheesh!


BUBBLES: I bet آپ wish Butch was there! Well I got news for ya' he is! I bet I'll catch آپ two smoochin' at the باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال court!

BUTTERCUP: Shut up Bubbles before I grab yo سے طرف کی your pigtails and throw...
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posted by Bell0PPGZ
 This is گھنٹی, بیل
This is Bell
(The scene is at a park, where Brick is talking to
Blossom about something)

BLOSSOM: *Giggle* Why did آپ call me here Bricky?

BRICK:Well...... I don't know how to say this but.......

BLOSSOM:But what? آپ can tell me anything.

BRICK: *Sigh* I'm breaking up with you.

BLOSSOM:WHY?! *starts crying*

BRICK:It's not what your thinking!

BLOSSOM:It's that u r bad and I am good!

(Blossom runs off in the rain)

BRICK:I never loved her. She only loved me.

BRICK:I wish I had an other girl. Bubbles and
Buttercup are taken سے طرف کی my brothers. Where is an
other super power girl in Townsville?

(A crash happens not to far from...
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posted by awesome23
--last at--
butch:i-i cant leave blossom....
breserk:well of course ya can...just break up with her
----------with brick and blossom------
brick:hey blossom
blossom:*gasp* b-brick??
blossom:w-what are آپ doing here?!
brick:came to see you....--puts arm around her--
blossom:brick i have a---brick kisses her--
blossom:i cant believe آپ just kissed me!!!
brick:i just thought آپ missed me kissing you?
brick:do آپ --gets closer--
blossom:i-i dont know!
brick:yes آپ do!!
blossom:--covers ears--stop yelling at me
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posted by ppgFireball
Narrator: The City of Townsville! where it is a pleasant afternoon!

Boomer: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. what to do. cool! what's that?!
Random Guy: a clone maker.
Boomer: how many does it make?
Random Guy: as many as آپ want.
Boomer: how much does it cost? (whispers) please don't let it be OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: *laughs* i'm just messing with ya. it's free.
Boomer: آپ can't be serious.
Random Guy: i'm serious. today i'm gonna be generous. so you...
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posted by heeeeeeeeeeeey
brick: man beatin up people 4 fun is really fun!
boomer: yeah beatin up people 4 fun is really fun!
brick:boomer thats the dumbest آپ have کہا all day
boomer: well آپ کہا the same thing!
brick: well it sounds cool coming out of my mouth now go get us some candy
butch: yeah and make shure u steal it,man can u belive he is our brother beatin people for fun is really fun!

scean 2

boomer: i dont care what they say im not as dumb as i look
boy:i just spent all of my allowence to buy this candy
boomer:*steals the candy* heh heh
blossom: آپ called
boomer what are آپ gonna do beat me up?
ppgs: *beats him up*

to be continued...
posted by awesome23
--last at--
butch:ughh how im i gonna break loose--bangs on cage--
butch:oh thank goodness ارے bro?
butch:can آپ use water to burn out this cage?
boomer:why sure i guess?
butch:ok...--boomer throws water on cage--
butch:thanks! i need your help
butch:brick took blossom and imma afraid hes gonna beat یا kill her..
boomer:oh thts bad...come on!!
butch:ok--both fly off--
-------with breserk blossom and brick-------------
blossom:let me go!!
blossom:brick can i ask آپ a question...
blossom:why dont آپ love me like آپ did when we were younger.......
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posted by awesome23
brick_is_gonna_get_you online
blossom_never gonna_date آپ online
brick:hey ارے bloss ;)
blossom:leave me alone!
brick:what makes آپ think i will --grabs her and pulls her toward him--
blossom:let me go --pushes him away-- hmph
brick:why آپ so mad!!
blossom:because... can be such a hag...
brick_your_a_hag offline
im_not_a_hag offline
--the rest of the PPGs and RRBS come out of hiding--
butch:what we gonna do now!?
buttercup:i dont know but why not just lock them in a room together?
boomer:brick would kill blossom
bubbles:proble...right alrightey so in other plans?
butch:hmmm lets just tell...
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--where we were last at-
brick:everyone stay HERE! dont follow!!
everybody:fine--flys off--
brick:oh blossom please be ok!
--with blossom--
blossom:ughh why does everyone want me to go out with him....
--walks in her house and sits on her bed--
blossom:*gasp*brick?! what are آپ doing here?!
brick:so will you?!
blossom:i dont know!!
brick:chill gurl
blossom:brick pleaseeee dont dress like this
brick:ha! whos says im gonna listen to you?! i dress the way I want!
blossom:what has gotten into آپ youve changed?!
brick:just you!
blossom:fine ill go out with you!
blossom:ok...go change!!
brick:how bout....NO!...
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posted by Bell0PPGZ
 Hi Brat!
Hi Brat!
NARRATOR:Blossom is flying ہوم and she bumps into

BELL:What the heck! Oh ارے Blossom, I thought u
where with Brick.

BLOSSOM:Brick was kissing Berserk.

BELL:So..... U where NOT with Brick.

BLOSSOM:Yes, Brick dumped me and hooked up with



BELL:I made a huge problem. I thought Berserk was
you in a new punkish stile!


BELL:We have 2 go back and tell Brick!

BLOSSOM:Let's get the rest of the RRB's and the
PPG's. Berserk and her gang make one heck of a

BELL:I am going 2 get the RRB's. Wish me luck.

BLOSSOM:Ok, bye!

(Bell fly's 2 the RRB's house and Blossom...
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posted by boomerlover
It was a sunny دن in Townsville, and the Powerpuff girls were ready for middle school. They had arrived at the bus stop, and a few moments later, the bus arrived. Blossom and Bubbles had sat together, why Buttercup sat alone in the back.

"So, I wonder what Middle School is like?" Bubbles wondered.

"I heard it's way harder than elementary school." Blossom said.

"I know. But do آپ know the best thing about it?" Bubbles asked.

"What?" Blossom کہا but already knowing the answer.

"The boys." They both said.

"Buttercups probably slumping back there regreting her life." Bubbles کہا looking out the window....
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posted by boomerlover
"Great! All we need is مزید spys!" He کہا turning the other way.

"Hold on Brick..." She کہا flying to the سب, سب سے اوپر of the tree. She looked inside and saw birds rustling in the leaves."It's just birds!" She کہا flying back down.

"Still, we'd better go just incase your sisters find out." Brick کہا taking Blossom's hand flying toward the sky.But Boomer was still at the lake. He had turned around when they weren't looking. But Bubbles was also there- in the other bush. Brick and Blossom were gone.

"Those punks!" Bubbles کہا coming out of the bush. Boomer heard her.

"Punks?" He asked coming out of the...
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posted by pinkblossom2
 ppg and rrb bad سال
ppg and rrb bad year
teacher: ok class today we have three new students boys come in
ppg * thinking its the rrb*
other girls: the blue one is cute and the red one i think the green one is cool
teacher: boys say your names plz
brick: my name is brick
boomer: im boomer
butch : yo the names butch
teacher ok boys take your seats
the boys: were?
teacher : how about اگلے to the powerpuffgirls
boys : *sigh* yes teacher
the girls gasp but teacher these are the rowdyruff boys
teacher: be nice girls and sit down
girls: yes teacher
the girls was thinking
blossom: this is the gang green gang all over again
bubbles: oh no :(
buttercup : this is going to be a long year
posted by cuteppgzxrrbz
ppgz love 1

(In school)

ms.kean:Class we have 3 new student
(ppgz dont know rrbz)
(rrbz walk in)

brick: Im brick
butch:sup im butch
boomer:yo im bommer
ms kean:brick sit next to momoko butch sit next to kaoru boomer behind miyako

boomer; hi miyako
miyako;hey whats up
boomer;so will u go out with me
miyako;fine wateves

butch;hey pretty girl
kaoru;dont call me that
butch;k wat about babe
kaoru;never call me that in hell
butch; fine but you have to go out with me
kaoru;no just leave me alone pervent
{lunch time ]
[the boys go to the girls table]
boomer;hey miyako
brick;hey red
brick;so will u go out with me
momoko;no have a bf
brick;who is it red
momoko;none of your bussnies
brick;ok red

--last at--
buttercup:i-i-he kissed me!!
butch:you can اقدام on bricks girl but your not moving in on mine!!
spike:hahaha sure--grabs blossom----flies off--
blossom--wakes up and looks at spike--
spike:oh blossom! hey
blossom:what are آپ going to do with me?
spike:oh nothing so shut up!!
blossom"i was ju--spike punches her in the stomach--
spike--throws blossom in his room and closes the door--
blossom:i hate my life....nobody loves me maybe people will start to love me if im dead....
--looks over and sees poison hidden in spikes closet--
--blossom grabs poison--
spike:what do آپ think...
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