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There are several ways to tell Cole & Dylan apart.
If you’re a new پرستار you’re probably often confused with photos, in movies, یا TV shows…
So here we go :

Cole has bigger eyes while Dylan’s are مزید ‘football’ shaped.
Dylan looks older than Cole.
Dylan has freckles.
Cole is a little bit taller than Dylan.
Dylan looks stronger builded than Cole.
Cole has a dimple in his chin.
Dylan has some discolored skin on the left side of his face.
Dylan has two small moles on his neck.
Cole has two moles on his face : one on his chin and another just above it on the side of his face.
Dylan’s eyes greener than Cole’s.
They have a different smile.
Dylan has bigger front teeth.
Dylan has a longer face, while Cole has a round face.
Dylan parts his long hair on the left, Cole parts his hair on the right
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