When the future Edward VI was born in 1537 there was much rejoicing – for his father King Henry VIII, the birth of a son was especially important. The joy at the birth was of course overshadowed سے طرف کی tragedy because it was to lead to the death of the mother of the child, Jane Seymour.

Jane’s pregnancy was announced in February 1537 and she experienced a trouble free pregnancy up to the time thatshe went into labour. The birth of the child however was long and difficult, taking two days and three nights to be delivered. The baby was eventually delivered at around two o’clock on the morning of the 12th October. As this is the eve of the Feast دن of Edward the Confessor the baby was named after this Saint.

Jane was able to sit and greet guests priorto the christening on the 15th October at Hampton Court but two days later her health had seriously deteriorated and she was دیا the last rites. سے طرف کی the 24th of October, Jane was dead.