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 Delena ♥
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For all those Delena شائقین that want to watch the epic-est moment for our پسندیدہ couple :) Enjoy. I take no credit for this video.
دل of darkness
damon and elena
the vampire diaries
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Okay, so I heard about the infamous DE vs. BD fight that took place but, mostly everyone seems sorry and wants peace.

I just wanted to point out my love for all of the couples first and I hope most of آپ will شامل میں in and do the same.

If آپ don't agree than it is perfectly okay. But please NO fighting. I would love to hear opinions.

Stelena - They have touching scenes and are one of the most romantic couples on tv. They are sometimes described as boring, but I that's one of the many reasons I love them. I'm a drama addict when it comes to tv, but once in a while its great to have a couple like...
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