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Meredith poured herself a cup of coffee while Alaric checked his bag with weapons.
“Can آپ make sure Jeremy studies for his tests?” he asked without looking at Meredith.
“I don’t think Jeremy want to study, not with everything that’s going on” Meredith pointed out.
“Well, آپ have the night shift, so maybe آپ can keep an eye on him” Alaric waved Merediths arguments away.
“Sure, but it won’t increase my popularity” Meredith کہا warning.
“You don’t have to be popular, آپ just have to make him listen” Alaric replied.
“You mean like I can make آپ listen, because it seems to me that I’m not very good at that” Meredith reacted. Her phone rang and she picked up. After a منٹ یا so she hung up. “I have to go”
“I thought آپ didn’t have to work until tonight” Alaric frowned confused.
“Not to the hospital” Meredith sighed. “That was Damon”
“Damon?” Alaric said, falling out of the sky. “What does he need آپ for?”
“He doesn’t need me for anything” Meredith explained, talking slowly. “It’s Elena. Apparently she has pain and she doesn’t want to go to the hospital, so we’re bringing the hospital to her”
“I’m coming with you” Alaric کہا fast.
“No, آپ can’t” Meredith shook her head. “You have to stay here to make sure Jeremy studies for his tests. آپ know, make him listen to you”
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Before آپ call for our heads, Delena fans, hear us out. There doesn’t seem to be any stopping Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at the moment. They’ll clearly have some time to feel each other out (metaphorically and perhaps literally), but we wouldn’t count Stefan (Paul Wesley) as totally out of this love مثلث just yet. آپ know how
The Vampire Diaries adores it love geometry, and there are plenty of reasons Stelena شائقین should still have hope. It might not happen for a while, but we think eventually Stefan and Elena will give it another shot.

1. Stefan knows Elena...
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