This مضمون was written سے طرف کی Fanpop guest contributor Stacee R.

Society seems to be completely fascinated سے طرف کی the vampire craze. Films, TV shows, کتابیں and even plays about vampires have captivated audiences in an extreme way these past couple years. Even with all the vampirey goodness, there’s only one دکھائیں worth watching, discussing, and living vicariously through. It’s the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. For all آپ “fang-tastic” شائقین out there, and آپ know who آپ are, here’s a فہرست of a few things that might make آپ a die-hard Vampire Diaries fan...

1. آپ consider Mystic Falls, Virginia a ہوم away from home. Although you’re fully aware that this is a fictitious town filled with supernatural life forms, it still feels like آپ grew up there یا at least want to! With sexy vampires roaming the streets it’s no wonder your dream vaca-spot is suddenly Virginia!

Mystic Falls...looks like a nice enough place!

2. آپ know useless facts about the shows pre-production castings. Like the fact that both James وین Der Beek and Neve Campbell were up for the roles of Alaric Saltzman and Isobel Fleming. No offense guys, but your teen dream and scream days are far behind you. آپ might want to consider auditioning for a network that caters to viewers your “own age.”

This guy was almost cast as Alaric? Really?

3. Your own love life is turning into a series of love triangles. Whether it’s a vampire thing یا just for TV dramas, any and all series involving vampires seem to touch base on these love triangles that drive the show. True Blood did it with Eric, Bill and Sookie; Twilight did it with Bella, Edward and Jacob; and the Vampire Diaries has done it with Elena, Stefan, and Damon. Just make sure آپ understand that your life isn’t a TV دکھائیں and love triangles are never as glamorous as they appear on screen!

Ain't no story without a triangle.

4. آپ know the pilot was shot in Vancouver while the rest of the series films in Covington, Georgia. Due to tax incentives, Georgia is cheaper to film than other parts of the country. Covington has become Mystic Falls and although some neighbors complain about the late night shoots, the town is beginning to warm up to the idea, especially once they saw who was on set!

5. آپ knew a spin-off series was in the works back in 2010 even though it didn’t air until 2013. The Originals is the spin-off series that spun heads. The دکھائیں takes place in New Orleans and centers around the “Mikealson siblings” who are the world’s “original vampires.” The دکھائیں was placed on hold when Kevin Williamson had prior commitments to the short-lived series, The Secret Circle. Three main characters from TVD have crossed over and continue to play their roles in the new series. The Originals aired in October 2013.

6. آپ realize the success of the دکھائیں is because Kevin Williamson is behind it. Williamson brought Dawson’s Creek to the screen and captivated teen audiences throughout the 90’s. His فلمیں and ویژن ٹیلی shows are always a success and he hit سونا with TVD. TVD is the most viewed series currently on the CW.

The genius behind the series.

7. آپ knew that TVD was renewed for a sixth season on February 13, 2014 and the excitement fueled your very existence.

8. Although Damon will always have a place in your heart, after all Elena and his love is the reason آپ started watching, Stefan is the Salvatore آپ truly adore! Those hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair, and pouty lips make آپ cringe at the sight of him. Torrey DeVitto was a fool to let this hunky stud-muffin go! The couple تقسیم, الگ کریں and filed for divorce in July 2013, good news ladies!

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