The Vampire Diaries TV دکھائیں |2x09|Favorite quote?

Pick one:
Elijah was the Easter Bunny compared to Klaus.
I’m a terrible liar. I’m even worse at duplicity.
If آپ are setting me up in any way I will rip آپ دل out and shove it down
It’s nice to meet you. Maybe.
Sorry to drag آپ here, but if I don’t eat I get those ‘kill innocent people
آپ remind me of someone. My best friend, Lexi.
آپ have a friend?
Trevor was a good man. Helped me with my dissertation on sexual deviants in the
What is the point? What should I be doing with my eternity? If آپ have an answer
God, I’ve got to visit this place. It sounds awesome.
We prefer the term ‘warlock.
Let me guess, آپ want to trade that stone for your freedom. آپ manipulative,
I don’t want my freedom. Because when Klaus shows up to kill us all, and he
آپ remind me of Trevor. Because he always talked a big game, he was always
You’re right to fight it. The way آپ feel about her. Because if we want to
Everything is because of me
It’s a lie, آپ know. There’s no switch آپ can turn off. Sure, when you’re
I will always look out for myself. If you're smart, you'll do the same.
She is with Damon, isn't she?
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Better آپ die than I.
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