I love Damon for many reasons. One of them being I love the way he looks, his body, his blue eyes, I love it all. Other then his good looks and charming ways I love how fierce and loyal he is to the woman he loves. He’ll do anything for the love of his life, even give up his own happiness for her just so she’ll be happy. He is a strong protector and will be there whenever آپ need it. He may not be a sappy, hopeless romantic like Stefan is but his love is raw, passionate, and everlasting. And when he is finally loved back that’s when he’ll really start to become passionate and caring with the person that he loves the most. Sure he screws up and makes mistakes but everyone does that. It’s NORMAL for people to screw up and later try to fix what they did.

Damon is also incredibly selfless, and that’s another beautiful part of him. It baffles me when I hear people call Damon selfish because if anything he’s BEYOND selfless! Giving up Elena to his brother, helping out Tyler and Caroline, and making sure Elena was lying اگلے to Stefan as she died. Damon is such a selfless person and has found alot of his 1864 self this past season. He has slowly but surely reverted back to the way he once was but he still has that long, beautiful journey ahead of him. He has his flaws like everyone else but he’s embracing them and admitting where he was wrong and is doing things differently.

He cares so much about his brother. He’ll do anything for Stefan, even suffer just so Elena can be happy with Stefan. I love how Damon loves both Stefan and Elena. It’s really a beautiful sight to see. And someday Elena is going to love Damon back, possibly مزید then she’ll love Stefan.