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Caroline looked around in Bonnie’s room. “It’s all so…white” she کہا turning to Bonnie, who was sitting on the bed. “I can’t believe آپ signed up for this. And without telling me”
“I’m telling آپ now” Bonnie said, while she opened her suitcase. “Thanks for bringing my stuff. I wouldn’t know who else to bother” she added softly.
“It’s no bother” Caroline said, though she avoided to look at her. She walked to the window. “Wow! آپ have to see this view, it’s amazing” she said, looking at the garden.
“Yeah, I’ve seen it” Bonnie کہا a little absent-minded. “Hey, Caroline? I’m sorry…for what I did”
Caroline reluctantly turned around and managed to force a little smile. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I was tortured یا آپ played with my mind and I wasn’t cursed. Damon and Elena are the real victims here”
“Maybe, but…” Bonnie stopped to take a breath. “I manipulated you. I…used our friendship for my own sake. I begged آپ to help me get Damon back and so I dragged آپ into this whole mess. I hurt so many innocent people for my vendetta against Damon. But آپ still want to help me. I don’t deserve your friendship”
Caroline had turned away and wiped her tears, hoping Bonnie wouldn’t see them. “I should go. I’m late for school”
Still avoiding Bonnie’s look Caroline walked out of the room and bumped into a man. “Sorry” she mumbled.
“It’s okay” the man said.
Bonnie got up from the بستر and walked to the doorway. “What are آپ doing here? Get back to your own room” she کہا a little reproaching.
“Sorry” the man mumbled. “I thought this was it”
Caroline looked around for help and fortunately she saw a nurse heading their way.
“I am so sorry” she کہا apologizing and she linked her arm with the man’s arm. “Come on, Keith, let’s get آپ to your room”
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