The Vampire Diaries TVD characters 5in5 شبیہ contest! 3rd Round!

Vampire_Lover97 posted on Jan 10, 2013 at 09:56PM
-Hello all , I realised that this club doesn't have so much active contests so I decided to make you a little one.
-As you can see , this is 5in5 icon contest.
-All Icons MUST be squared!
-Winner of each theme : 5 props.
-I will post your icons on fan picks so other fans will chose the winning icon!
-Please don't vote for yourself or you will be disqualified.

-You have to choose only one character.
-2 persons can't choose the same character.
-Icons must be made by you.
-Icons must be from episodes, not photoshoots.

1st. Round (Close) aNNalovechuck & modernfan nevenkastar & modernfan aNNalovechuck modernfan modernfan

2nd Round (Close)
1. Half face :
2. Colorful :
3. Flashback :
4. Full Body :
5. Elegant :

Round two sign ups:
Sakkara98 ~ Katherine Pierce ❤
nevenkastar ~ Rebekah Mikaelson ❤
modernfan ~ Caroline Forbes ❤
queen-seli ~ Damon Salvatore ❤
Vampsessed ~ Stefan Salvatore ❤
Ieva0311 ~ Elena Gilbert ❤
tanyya ~ Klaus Mikaelson ❤
iandamonfan ~ Jenna Gilbert ❤

3rd Round (OPEN) :
1. Lines
2. Epic
3. Sleeping
4. Romantic
5. Elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire)

Round three sign ups:
modernfan ~ Elena Gilbert
iandamonfan ~ Caroline Forbes ❤
tanyya ~ Damon Salvatore ❤
Vampsessed ~ Jeremy Gilbert ❤
Sakkara98 ~ Rebekah Mikaleson ❤
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