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svgirl posted on Mar 22, 2010 at 06:30AM
Who/what is your favorite...

1. Favorite Male Character:
2. Second Favorite Male Character:
3. Favorite Female Character:
4. Second Favorite Female Character:
5. Favorite Character:
6. Second Favorite Character:
7. Least Favorite Male Character:
8. Least Favorite Female Character:
9. Least Favorite Character:
10. Favorite Vampire:
11. Favorite Human:
12. Least Favorite Vampire:
13. Least Favorite Human:
14. Favorite Couple:
15. Least Favorite Couple:
16. Favorite Book:
17. Least Favorite Book:
18. Favorite Episode:
19. Least Favorite Episode:
20. Favorite Quote From Book:
21. Favorite Quote from Tv Show:
22. Books or Tv Show:
23. Did you read the books first or watch the Tv Show:
24. Vampire or Human:
Bonus Q: Damon or Stefan:

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