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 Damon Salvatore
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damon salvatore
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I can't believe this hasn't been put on here yet O_O
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My life has changed in مزید ways than one
Since the دن my father shot both of his sons
My speed has increased, my temperature dropped
I have a new taste for blood since the trigger popped
My beloved Katherine is gone because of me
And my brother, Damon, is no cup of tea
He killed a girl I was beginning to love
My sweet Callie Gallagher, my beautiful dove
I escaped after that and ran far away
All the way to New York for my new part-time stay
My first week there I went to Central Park
There I stumbled upon a girl in the dark
Her throat was cut, she was left for dead
But I fed her my blood, healing her from...
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This story happens after Nightfall. It's a Donnie-book ff. It includes spoilers, some violence and some sensuality. Not suitable for readers under thirteen years.


Bonnie was resting in Damon’s arms. It was such peaceful place… Every time she was with that monster, she would feel impossibly safe. How could that be?
Bonnie didn’t have the answer, but she would stay there forever anyway.
“Are آپ hungry یا thirsty, baby bird? I know آپ need to feed مزید often then I do.” Damon asked breaking the silence while stroking her hair.
Her stomach was already complaining about the lack of...
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