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(jane speaking) .......i twisted it off i was so sad. but aro was so proud of me. like i was his child. well now it is the time to feast, as aro exclaims. so we went into the main room as i started to hear footsteps and humans talking i relized i یا we had to eat them.right when they opened the doors the feast began. i ate یا in my case drank 3 people. after that i went into my room. then i heard aro talking to carlisle. i was filled with excitement. i ran as fast as i could. and i hugged carlisle but then he کہا i came to get the rest of my things. i was angryand upset.then it happened..........
(jane speaking) meeting carlisle was great but letting him go was horrid.i mean he is hansome and he is the only one who understands me. now he is gone. aro says i have lots to learn. people to meet laws to endure.he کہا we have a vampire coming in and آپ will be the one to kill him. i was froze یا in shock i cannot believe it. he کہا with your power all vampire will be scared to break the rules.i had no idea what he was talkin about. then he took me to train. i knew about my powers but controling them is my training is done. now its time to face my fear. there is the female vampire i had to kill. so i stood there in silence grabbed her head and...........
(jane speaking) guess wut i got to meet carlisle culle 2 دن it was awesome, but he decided to quit the volturi. quitting is not easy enough to do. it was hard on me 'cause i thought he was cute. but the way marcus looks at me is soooo unbelieveable i think i'm falling for him. i mean dont all vampires have mates. i can't believe there is still مزید to know 'bout vampires. what else is there. aro is my teacher but then i heard him whispering to himself there is مزید to learn about the LAWS. im like wut laws. he کہا wut nothing. and i کہا welll it sure is something. then i asked is carlisle leaving the volturi. aro کہا this lesson is to be continued.
(jane speaking) omg i was sooo excited i was going to be apart of the volturi. i found out 1 of 10 vampires get powers we glow in the sun and i have the power to hurt ppl without touching them. they helped me. they کہا i would be the main worker and i will get my reward. of corse i believed them i was untouchable. soon enough i started to think pain was funny. i was happy with my life. i mean my دل was beating my soul was as pure as ever and my insides functioned fine. haha just kidding oh how i make myself laugh. but i still was happy. but something inside me didnt no یا want to be here.
(jane speaking)i was just a lonely girl no one really cared who i was یا where i was from. i was lonely. i was 15 yearrs old when IT happened. most of it was a blure. ohhhhhh life was so hard it was about 1880 and there was to many disease and my parents urgh my parents. they always here it goes. one دن we were eating رات کا کھانا and me and my parents got into a fight about my new school and i got so mad i went out the door crying. so i started walking thinking i would luv to get out of this dump. then i started to here whispers they were saying she is the one HE will like her. so i started to run when i fell and my دل was beating so hard then the اگلے thing i knew i was a vampire. thats when i discovered my life had changed. (2 b continued)