This is an extended version of a تبصرہ I left on a link after it was revealed that مورگن would be the crossover character between TWD & FTWD.

I'm not all that enthusiastic about the idea, but it is technically possible دیا the two timelines. The way I see it, it could go down one of three ways. But first, a look at what happened when with Morgan:

-Day 60: مورگن and his son Duane met Rick in King County, Georgia.

-Day 314: مورگن met Rick again in the same town. Duane is gone, and مورگن has set up all kinds of walker (and human) traps in town.

-Day 521-523: Morgan's bottle episode, Here's Not Here. This is where he meets Eastman, starts playing with his Ninja Stick, and lets a poor innocent goat get eaten.

-Day 531: مورگن finds the "the new world's gonna need Rick Grimes" map, and starts the journey from Georgia to DC.

-Day 547: مورگن meets Daryl and Aaron in Virginia.

So, according to my math, this is how/when Morgan's FTWD appearance could happen:

A) In the 254 days between دن 60 and دن 314. Either he and Duane traveled west during those 8.5 months and then returned to King County for Duane's death, یا Duane got bit سے طرف کی his mother early on and مورگن left سے طرف کی himself soon after. Either way, مورگن has to get back to King County in time for Rick & Michonne's visit on دن 314. That's 8.5 months, which is doable.

B) In the 207 days between دن 314 and دن 521. There's a 7-month gap from the time Rick and Michonne leave Booby Trap City to the time مورگن sees the Terminus sign. In this scenario, Duane is definitely dead, so مورگن probably won't have anyone slowing him down. Also doable, and in my opinion, مزید logical.

C) Fear the Walking Dead is getting a MAJOR time jump, and will now take place in the same time as The Walking Dead, meaning مورگن will leave Virginia and head to Texas sometime during TWD's current season, which has already passed دن 600. This is a terrible, ridiculous idea, but there are a lot of people who think this is how it's gonna go down, so y'all need to quit.

D) مورگن is a wizard, and can Apparate, so all this timeline and travel speculation was a total waste of time.

The Walking Dead's pilot took place on دن 60, and Fear The Walking Dead is currently on دن 64 - only a few days ahead of مورگن and Rick's first meeting. I believe the first timeline (A) is مزید likely, دیا how close the dates are. This means that مورگن will meet Madison's crew before seeing Rick again, and it also means that his time on Fear the Walking Dead will be limited - he still has to get back to Georgia before Rick and Michonne دکھائیں up on دن 314.

Getting There:
Proctor John mentioned plans to "sail for what's left of Houston" in the end of FTWD S3, and FTWD is now filming in Texas, so my money's on Houston for the crossover location. (Scroll down for a map.)

I don't know how long it would take to get from Tijuana to Houston, because I don't know how the FTWD characters are traveling - if everyone reconnects, they could go together سے طرف کی sea; but if they remain separated, some characters might end up going سے طرف کی land, which is close to 2,400 miles. I also don't know what kind of route they have planned if they go سے طرف کی sea, یا the condition of the canals, so I'm not gonna try to figure out a timeframe for Fear If سے طرف کی Sea.

Google says that آپ can make the 2,400 mile drive from Tijuana to Houston in less than a دن - so if Madison & Co. head for Texas via land with a lot of determination and minimal travel snags, they could be there pretty soon.

For Morgan, it's about 800 miles from Atlanta to Houston. Google says this drive can be done in about 11 hours. (Then again, Google does not account for things like running out of gas and herds of walkers blocking the road.)

For a long-distance zombie travel reference: it took مورگن 16 days to travel 600 miles from Georgia to Virginia. (It took Rick and Team Family 25 days.) If مورگن was able to keep that pace (about 40 miles a day), he could make it from Georgia to Texas in less than a month. But if the crossover takes place early on, which I believe it will, there are probably a lot مزید vehicles and fuel available, so that would probably cut the travel time. There's no way to know what will wind up in their paths, so the travel speculation is just to provide a little insight into the distance.

Here's a map, for آپ non-US people... یا US people who are just not great at geography.

borrowed from

Blue: The Gonzalez Dam, where we last saw Madison and her crew, is near Tijuana in Baja California.

Red: King County, Georgia, isn't a real place, but it's believed to be southwest of Atlanta.

Purple: At the end of FTWD season 3, Proctor John mentioned plans to "sail for what's left of Houston." This is probably where they'll meet Morgan. (This is also where Abraham started out, in the grocery store with his family, so why they didn't just pick him for the crossover is a mystery.)

Orange: Where TWD is now, in Alexandria, Virginia.

How do آپ think it's gonna go?

* * * * * Post TWD 8A Update * * * * *

Now that the theories on Carl's bite are flowing and TWD is back to the center of attention, I'd like to focus on one theory in particular that could really set up the crossover.

The theory is that Carl's bite is from a Whisperer, not a walker. (There's a discussion about it link in this pick سے طرف کی misanthrope86.) I like this theory, because a) I'm very interested in seeing the Whisperers, b) it could make this random-ass crossover make sense, and c) even though I don't really care for Coral, I still think he has an important part to play, and Whisperer Bite means he'll live.

How could a Whisperer Bite make this random-ass crossover make sense? Well, if مورگن were to travel to Texas during one of the aforementioned gaps and meet the Clarks on FTWD, it would be ALL KINDS OF SHOCKING if he met them again in Virginia on TWD. What does this potential reunion have to do with the Whisperers? Here it goes, people who have been living under a spoiler-free rock: شائقین have been theorizing that Madison turns into Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, since before FTWD even began. If مورگن meets them while they're just the Clarks, and then the Whisperers دکھائیں up and unmask themselves on TWD, that's another one of those OMG reunions that TWD likes to throw at us. All roads apparently lead to DC, after all.

Arguments about this theory include:
"They کہا Carl is definitely dying." They also کہا there'd never be a crossover. And that Glenn was definitely dead during Dumpstergate. The word of the TWD gods means nothing.

"The walker that bit him didn't look like it was wearing a mask." Did آپ notice in 8x04 when Daniel clearly tackled Ezekiel, then showed up dead 10 ft away in the اگلے scene? link. TWD ain't perfect.

I think if they do go this route, the crossover will become a merge. Despite being possibly the best season of either show, FTWD S3 didn't have a lot of viewers. FTWD S3 got great reviews from شائقین and critics, and I've definitely seen مزید than one "FTWD is better than TWD" article, but TWD is still the powerhouse that makes AMC noteworthy. If the network has lost faith in FTWD, and is only paying attention to numbers and not the fanbase (which would neeever happen), then they might be planning on throwing whoever's left after S4 یا S5 of FTWD into TWD.

Thoughts on the new part of the crossover theory?