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 Lori & Sophia/Carol & Judith
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This The Walking Dead آرٹ پرستار contains ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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The cast of 'The Walking Dead' joins us to celebrate 100 episodes on the set of our EW cover shoot.
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Welcome to the final part of my Hogwarts sorting for this fandom. The last, but not least, Gryffindor!

 Gryffindor, house of the Courageous
Gryffindor, house of the Courageous

One of the Gryffindor traits is that they are impulsive, and I think we can all agree that Daryl is probably the most impulsive character of this series. Very often, he acts before thinking and ends up putting himself یا someone else in trouble. When he's angry, he acts and then feels guilty about what he did, like when he punched Negan, which resulted in Glenn's death. یا when he opened the door to a bunch of walkers that nearly killed him and...
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