Interview with Ruxi23 who won our FOTM May She really deserves to be the FOTM. She was really active this ماہ to our spot. Here's her interview:
Q1.How do آپ feel that you're the FOTM May?

I am very happy. I haven’t expected to be FOTM as I am not an old user. I haven’t expected to be voted سے طرف کی fans. I am very pleased to participate to this پرستار club .

Q2.Since when did آپ start liking Winx Club?

I have liked Winx since I was 10. I bought a winx club magazine then and I found them very interesting. I looked on the internet for some information about them and that’s how I became مزید interested. I watched the serial and I liked it too, so I watched it all, from the first to the fourth season on YouTube. Winx is now my number one serial.

Q3.What do آپ say about our spot?

I just love it, it has friendly users and interesting things. I’ve tried to be an active user as I love the serial. The spot is just great!

Q4.Who's your fave winx club character? and why?

My fave winx club character is Flora. She’s very sweet, kind and pretty. Many of my دوستوں say I resemble her. Flora is very sensitive, not quick to quarrel and a bit shy, just like me.

Q5.Who's your fave witch? and why?

My پسندیدہ witch is Darcy. She is smart and beautiful. I also like Icy, but I don’t really like Stormy so much. She seems too agressive.

Q6. Who is your least پسندیدہ winx club character?and why?

I love them all .It’s difficult to choose .If I had to, I think I’d choose Layla. I don’t dislike یا hate her, but I simply like the others more.

Q7.Are آپ excited for the new season of winx?

Yes, I am. I can’t wait ! I am just not into the 3D. I hope there won’t be so many scenes with 3D . I am excited about the two transformations Harmonix and Sirenix. I hope Roxy will be the seventh winx.

Q8.What were the main reasons آپ like this show?

Well, mainly the characters, their lives and the story. I also like how they transform into fairies. Another reason would be that I like how they and the rest look like.

Q9.Do آپ feel a shame when some of your دوستوں tease آپ that آپ like cartoons?

Yes, I do. They tease me and I get ashamed. I haven’t told them about winx club, because they would probably laugh at me. I only told my best friend about it and now she likes it as much as I do.

Q10.At last, greetings for our spot?

I really hope it will become مزید active and مزید users will come to have fun with us. My warm greetings to all winx fans!!!