-----------------------------------------------------------Flora’s p.o.v-----------------------------------------------------------
I get back from the premiere and see that all my دوستوں are waiting up, I smile at them and then collapse to the ground balling my eyes out. I hear the sound of footsteps come towards me and they try to comfort me but nothing will. They all speak all once and realize they made no sense what so ever, so they speak one at a time. Bloom asks what is wrong and I reply I don’t know. Stella tells me I look beautiful in my dress and don’t cry because she hates to see me this way, I sort of smile I her remark; but I am still crying for who knows why. I hear Musa say why don’t آپ tell us what happened so we can figure what might have made آپ cry. I look up and realize why I am crying. I blurt out I know. Tecna ask what do I know and I reply why I’m crying. Layla looks at me and gives me a hug because I think she realizes what I mean. Soon they all catch on that I’m caught in a love مثلث and I have feelings for both and don’t know what they mean. I say I’ll be back as I get up and heads towards the bathroom. When I shut the door I look at myself in the mirror and realize how I actually feel at home. I change out of my dress into my pajamas and pull my curls back into a bun on سب, سب سے اوپر of my head before wiping off the black streaks that cover my face from my eyes down to my chin. I head back out to see my دوستوں all sitting in an open دائرے, حلقہ waiting for me to close it. I walk towards them every step bringing in a new thought with a new consideration. The seven of us talking thinking of solutions to end all these possible outcomes for me to consider and I smile, laugh and cry at some of these ideas they threw out there. Savannah asks sis, why are آپ crying and I reply I don’t just have one sister I have six crazy beautiful and amazing ones. We all hug. As they talk I write things that come to my head and then realize this reminds me of a song; so I write down that song with its lyrics and note that this is what I am singing for when I have to perform on the interview tomorrow. I see my phone light up through my white purse, I reach for it and then leave the room for some privacy.
Flora: hi Helia what is it?
Helia: can I meet آپ for breakfast tomorrow?
Flora: sure but may I ask why?
Helia: I want to talk about us because I’ve had all these different thoughts running threw my head and I can tell آپ are considering the same things.
Flora: is it really that obvious?
Helia: I’m afraid neither of us can I hide things very well
Flora: same, so I will see آپ tomorrow at 7 since I don’t have to be at my first interview for hair, makeup and wardrobe until 9 ok?
Helia: see آپ then have a goodnight my flower
Flora: آپ too my handsome Helia
-----------------the two shut their phones off at the same time and sigh with a slightly depressed and relieved tone. Flora walks back into her room and her دوستوں ask who it was and she spills everything before heading to her بستر and slowly shift from crying to dreams into complete darkness.