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posted by nmdis
ارے everyone. I was thinking to ask some سوالات to all of you. I hope آپ all will enjoy this game. So here are some of the سوالات which آپ will have to answer:

1. Have آپ ever had crush on any Winx Club character?

2. Who is your favourite pet from The Winx Club series?

3. Have آپ ever felt about any character یا sidekick that they should be protagonists?

4. Have آپ ever thought about any Winx that they shouldn't be Protagonist in the Series?

5. Have آپ ever had crush on any Villain from Winx Club series?

6. What is your favourite location from the series?

7. What is your favourite Season? And Why?

8. Which Winx/Trix آپ find most prettiest character in the series?

9. Which Winx/Trix آپ find ugliest in the series and why?

10. Who is the most intelligent character from the Winx Club series?

11. Who is most fashionable character from The Winx Club?

12. Can آپ tell what is your favourite songs from the series?

13. your favourite episode?

14. Who's voice (which character's) آپ find most attractive?

15. Who is most powerful Winx according to you?

These were سوالات related to The Winx Club but now I will ask سوال which won't be related to winx.

1. What's your best dream ever?

2. Who is your crush?

3. Have آپ ever thought of meeting person آپ have talked on fanpop?

4. Have آپ been cheated سے طرف کی your friend ever?

5. Which is the place آپ want to go (which آپ haven't visited yet)?

6. What آپ want to be in future?

7. have آپ ever cheated آپ friend?

8. Whom آپ trust more, your SISITER/BROTHER یا آپ FRIEND?

9. What was the worst moment of your life?

10. What was the best moment of your life?

I hope آپ all will enjoy this...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic. I remember it so آپ don't have to! So I guess this is where they finally earn the pointless transformation (Or so I've heard) known as Harmonix. Well, let's just see how pointless it is, shall we?

The episode starts off with Tecna and Layla debating on whether یا not they should open the Sirenix book. But, when Layla tries to open it, she can't. Musa and Flora soon دکھائیں up and tell the two that Miss Faragonda wants to see them all.

We go to Alfea's grounds where Bloom is still trying to rouse Sky's memories. She shows him a rose and goes on with some bullshit of how...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic. I remember it so آپ don't have to! So today the Winx will be traveling to Alfea. Oh boy...let's just hope beyond hope that they didn't completely screw the scenery and teachers over. /takes a deep breath/ So, let's get on with the review.

The episode starts off with *le gasp* an actual decent CGI shot? For once, they've used this technology correctly, the opening probably being the best one I've seen yet. But, I am soon slapped back into this horrible reality when I hear Faragonda's voice. It's bland. Just like all the others! Honestly, she sounds like Tecna یا Flora...
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"thanx آپ gyes for saveing me " flora کہا cring
"i carnt beleve i nearly died"she coninue
"there there flora dont cry it not your fault but i have something to tell u know that u are her well u see i love آپ and i wanted to tell u sooner but before i could u died i never want to lose u again understood" کہا helia now bursting into tears
"understood i love u to" کہا flora as they kised
"so u see krystal helia dosent like u know which gives مزید reson to kill flora dosent it".............
"yes but she will have helia still likeing her even if she dead"said krystal in anger
"then why dont...
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