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posted by RoseOlaf

Long ago, a man stood in the shadows watching a group of men building a mental asylum. He kept a چھری in his pocket, which was, of course sticky with red blood. He soon walked away. The man build a life there اگلے to the mental asylum for years; 'till one دن he decided to enter the enter the asylum, which was finished and is filled with guests filling the hallway, and for reasons unknown, became a hotel.

The hotel was named Grandiose, and the man entered room 2077, and the guests inside were shocked. For reasons unknown, the man killed the guests inside and sticked the bodies against the دیوار and quickly ran away.

After a decade, the bodies were absorbed into the wall, and the room was never entered again.

[Chapter 1]

The Winx haven't seen each other for a few days for Summer, and decided to reunite at a restaurant in Magix. They were all going to leave Alfea and each of them will continue with their ambitions.

"I miss آپ guys," Bloom stated, smiling broadly. "We miss آپ too. During Summer, I've designed a few fashion artworks." Stella said, magically creating a گلابی notebook. The notebook flipped through the pages سے طرف کی itself, دکھانا Stella's fashion works during Summer. "Great work," Musa gave an awkward smile as a sign that she is bipolar on Stella's artwork(s). "Anyway, since we all are gonna leave Alfea and continue with our lives..should we go on a vacation together?" Flora asked.

Tecna snapped her fingers. "Sure, at a hotel یا at a country on Earth? I say country. I'm not into hotels much," Tecna stated. "Let Stella pick." Layla said, giggling while nudging Stella. Stella was thinking of a hotel, and then suddenly an ad of a hotel on ویژن ٹیلی appeared—stating Grandiose was a hotel which was formerly a mental asylum for the criminally insane. After years of neglect, rumors began to circulate that the place was haunted. Despite this, a builder decided to refurbish the ruins into a five سٹار, ستارہ hotel, but was unsuccessful and committed suicide as a result—although rumors also state that he was pushed سے طرف کی a ghost of one of the asylum's inmates and that the hotel, which is now a 3-star has some dead bodies haunting it.

"That hotel on the ad," Stella pointed straight at the ویژن ٹیلی on top, and she was intrigued سے طرف کی the rumors. "Grandiose? Never heard of it," Bloom said. "On Earth—not in Gardenia, but in New York!" Stella replied as soon as the ad showed that Grandiose is a hotel located in New York. "NY?" Musa asked, curious. "Please don't go to Grandiose," A voice said. "Humma?" Bloom asked. The restaurant manager walked to the Winx's table, looking worried. "Why not?" Layla asked. "We're curious," Stella said. "Because the place is haunted," The manager stated. "Those were just ads to scare people! We're still going," Flora stated firmly. "You could go on your own risk." The manager said.

Stella scratched her head; still wondering what the manager meant.


The group of six arrive at the hotel on the اگلے day, but however find it is locked. "See? It is locked." Tecna said. "Stella, we should have listened to the manager yesterday," Bloom said. "Apparently we've wasted our time," Layla said. Stella stomped her feet, as a sign of not wanting another complain سے طرف کی anyone. "I'm sorry, but please stop it." Stella stated, annoyed. She gave Bloom a curt look. Musa snapped her fingers. "Wha?" Stella asked. "I hear music!" Musa replied. The موسیقی played right through Musa's—and of course the Winx's—ears. "There must be someone inside!" Bloom said. "The back door!" Layla smirked. Stella—hyperactive as always—was the first to smile. The Winx walked behind the hotel and found the back door, right there!

"C'mon, Winx!" Stella کہا as she twisted the doorknob. As the Winx proceed in, the door closes behind them and disappears into the wall.
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