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I called this Quick Take because it is super short as there isn’t too much I want to say about this topic. *Sigh* So Iginio had this little 3 دن airing marathon last week and aired the last few episodes of season 7. Yea it was in Italian but آپ don’t need words to see that Daphne and Thoren got married. I need to do a take on this like now. So here we go.

I honestly can’t believe that they did that. They met less then like two weeks ago. And even if it was like 2 یا 3 months since that was how long we’ve been waiting for these episodes pretty much. That still would not be enough time to even think about getting married. Like wtf? I’m sure even a 6 سال old would think that that’s not right. I was sooo angry when I saw this. And when آپ think about it. They didn’t even talk to each other enough to even be considered a couple. They made somewhat “romantic” glances at each other in episode 4 when Daphne found a book about whatever and Thoren came in- something like that. And then after that they like never talked to each other. never. Seriously?
And I reallllly feel like they only made them get married because آپ know Daphne is Bloom sister. And Sky is Thoren’s cousin. So I think think that was honestly an asshole move. Like I am screaming on the inside. Because we know that that is why they did it. So infuriated.

And that is it for this Quick Meeka’s Take on Daphne and Thoren’s “Relationship” Leave تبصرے down below as your yes YOUR feedback is very much appreciated سے طرف کی me. Don’t forget to also leave suggestions for Meeka’s Takes for the future and آپ may see it happen in the mere future. I loveee آپ guys so so so much and آپ know it, Stay awesome ;)