The Winx were going to the bar, but they didn't know that the Specialists were coming. They didn't meet yet until they went to the bar.

The Winx were dancing. The Specialists saw Bloom. She looked awesome, and they fell right for her. But then the Specialists saw The Winx (Not Bloom). Brandon flirted with Stella, and had a glass of mineral water. Riven saw Musa, who acts like a bad-boy, so he fell right to her. They danced to the groove of the music. Flora looked at Helia, which surprised Helia as she came over checking out his sketch. It was Flora, and instead, they decided to drink some انگور Juice. Aisha loved to dance, so she danced while drinking some چیری, آلو بالو Water. Tecna was with Timmy who loved Tech, so they talked about the modern Tech.

Bloom was glowing to Sky. Her red-hair was flaming hot, her sparkling cyan eyes were like the sea, and her beauty shine in the light.

Sky came over to Bloom. Bloom was surprised to see a Prince of Eyraklon. coming over her. "Hey, I'm Sky", کہا Sky as his دل melted. "Hello, Sky. I'm Bloom", کہا Bloom who looked at him closely. "I gonna get us some سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری juice", کہا Sky looking at her. Bloom's دل melted as his face was gleaming.

"Hey, Sky. Who's that?, کہا Brandon who was in love with Bloom, but Stella was with him. "Hello, My name is Bloom.", کہا Bloom as Sky handed her some سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری Juice. "So Bloom, do آپ go to Alfea?", کہا Sky who wanted Bloom to be his GF. "Yes, and I'm guessing آپ go to Red Foundation.", کہا Bloom as she smirked with childish smile and a giggle. "Yept. Hey, Bloom, can we spent time together?", asked Sky. Bloom was surprised, but she agreed. She leaned against his chest feeling in love. The Winx and the Specialists saw it. Sky asked Bloom to dance. She agree and danced until it was over. Then the Winx Club left to go back to Alfea. "Hey . . Sky! You're lucky. She was luckest one, and آپ got her.", کہا Brandon as they were leaving.

(Next Morning) "La La La La La", sang a very cheery Bloom as she remember Sky's face. The Winx were surprised to see their friend hum and sing so happily. "I'm guessing it's all about Mister Prince Sky", کہا Stella in a cheery voice. "Hey, Stella! What about Mr.Brandon? He He He.", کہا Bloom. "Well . . ", کہا a shining Stella.

Ringgggggggg! Bloom's phone was ringing. It was Sky. "Hello, Sky. What is it?", کہا Bloom to Sky. "Hey, Bloom. I was wondering to ask آپ if آپ have time to meet me at Lake Rocculace.'',said a Happy Sky. "Sure. Why not?", کہا a cheery Bloom. The call ended.
Bloom got dressed to go to Lake Rocculace. "Bye Girls! I gotta to go!", کہا an urgent Bloom. "Bloom, what is it?", کہا Flora. "Tell ya later!", کہا Bloom as she ran out. Stella nodded, and knew that she's meeting Prince Sky.

Prince Sky was already at Lake Rocculace as Bloom saw him. They sat at an empty bench together. Bloom lay on Bloom's shoulder as Sky touched her silky hair. They watched the sunset. "Hey, Bloom. Tommorrow will be Magix Clean Day. Everyone is invited to Clean at Red Foundation, and the Winx will come. Can we spend some time together?", کہا Sky pleasing. "Sure, and I'm sure the Winx and Specialists will untied to spend time together.

"Good Morning, Winx", کہا Ms. F as she has some news to tell the Winx. "Good Morning, Ms.F", کہا The Winx as they tried to wake up. "Today, it's Magix Clean Up دن and you're invited to clean up at Red Foundation. So you're able to skip school today.", کہا Ms. F. "Sure, Why Not?", کہا the Winx, but Aisha was mad. "Students who have detention will stay here.", کہا Ms.F. "Uggg . . ", scream Aisha as she had detention today.

Ms. F opened a portal to Red Foundation. They went in without Aisha. Aisha hate Bloom as she took Sky away from her, the دن she and Sky met before. She wanted to get revenge for getting time to spend with Sky.

"Welcome, Winx", کہا Saladin as he gave them cleaning tools. The Winx without Aisha started to clean. Then they saw the Specialists. They were cleaning, too. They started to talk as they laugh and giggle together. After they were done cleaning and wash their hands out, Sky and Bloom spend time together. They kissed together as they were together forever.

(Few Months Later) "He just makes me happy.", thought Bloom as she was in Domino messaging with Sky on her phone. Bloom walked out of her seat, while she was eating dinner. "Bloom, Honey . ., it's very rude to walk out of the seat, while eating dinner.", کہا Queen Miriam. "I'm sorry, mother. I gotta go.", کہا Bloom with urgent business. "Fine, you're excused.", کہا King Oritel. "Thank You, Mother. Thank You, Father", کہا Bloom as she bowed and went to her room.

"Sky . . ", کہا Bloom as her eyes gleam on him outside her bedroom window. 'Come On, Bloom. Let's go for a spin.", کہا Sky with excitement. "Oh Sky", کہا Bloom giggling.

(Next Day) "Ugg, I gonna have revenge on Bloom for stealing Sky, the man I've a crush on", کہا Aisha with an evil smirk.

Today was the alliance day, but Aisha's plan was in action. "Welcome to The Alliance Meeting", کہا King Oritel welcoming the royalty of the Magic Dimesion. "War is happen between the Magic Dimesion and the Trix", کہا King Oritel being worried. The Trix were the most powerful villians of the Magix Dimesion in the time. "We all need to do something to protect the good form the evil.", کہا Queen Miriam.

"Wa Ha Ha Ha", chuckled Aisha as she was hiding against the Domino Walls. Aisha shooted her morphix at the guard and made them be quiet. While that, The alliance was eating a feast, but there was a poison of sleeping spray due to Aisha sneaking and spraying all over the food after it trying cold down a little bit.

Then when they started to eat, everyone fell asleep. It included the Winx without Aisha, The Kings and Queens who were invited, and Princess and Princes. They were all sleeping. Then Aisha pulled Bloom out of her chair, put a non-magical بیلٹ, پٹی around her waist, and carried her out and telported her and Bloom to an Andros prison. Bloom was put in a cell and hit with a slap whip with sharp points.

Everyone wake up سے طرف کی then and found Bloom missing. The guards who woke up was at the command to tell what happen. A Domino guard name Tony told everyone, "Me and the guards who were trapped heard the voice of a woman who said, "I got Bloom and revenge is mines". The King of Domino was worried about his daughter until he saw a blob of Mophix.

"Winx, do آپ know who it belongs to?", asked King Oritel knowing it's Princess Aisha. "Aisha's Morphix", کہا Flora. "Why'd Aisha do something like that?", کہا Flora. "There are logical reason. First, I saw that Aisha gave death glares to Bloom. Second, Aisha always looked at Sky like a love bird. Lastly, Aisha been دکھانا her cuteness when Sky is around.", کہا Tecna as she was really upset.

"Ahhhhhh . . ", screamed Bloom as she was hit with wooden spikes harshly. "He He He", laughed Aisha as she was having fun.

"Bloom. Bloom. Bloom.", thought Sky. Sky was worried like crazy as he wanted to propose to Bloom today. "Why?", questioned Sky. Then Sky had an idea. "Let's charge Andros!", yelled Sky as everyone heard him. "Sky, I don't think that's a good idea.", کہا his father. "I know آپ want to propose to Bloom and want to rescue her, but that's too dangerous. I'm Sorry, my son.", کہا his father. 'No! No! NO! I won't give up on her! I'll find her! I'm going to Andros! NOW!", yelled Sky who went directly to the ship as the Winx and the other specialists chase him. "Sky, we're coming with you, all of us to rescue Bloom!", کہا The Winx and Specialists who went to directly to Andros.

"Oh,Sky. Why are آپ hard-head?", کہا Sky's father who was shaking his head due to dizziness of the attack. "Erendor, your son is brave. He'll be okay.", کہا King Oritel who was concered about Bloom. "Thank You, Oritel. I just hope Bloom will last long to survive for Sky, The Winx, and Specialists to save her. ", کہا King Erendor.

"Ok, Sky. We are at Andros. What do we do?", کہا Brandon. ''We have to look in the palace. It's the only place Aisha could have took Bloom", کہا Sky. "But Sky, how? The guards are protecting the قلعہ and I'm sure Aisha had told them to keep away us.", کہا Stella's smart mouth not being confident on saving Bloom. "Well, Stella. I got a plan. The plan is that Timmy, Riven, and Helia would fight the guard, while the Winx, me, and Brandon will try to save Bloom.", کہا Sky. "Okay! HARMONIX", yelled The Winx as they transformed into Harmonix mode.

"Okay, Let's go!", کہا Stella. Timmy, Riven, and Helia fighted the guards and defeated them along the way. The fought all the guards and reached the middle of the palace. Then all of them came together, and heard a girl scream.

''AHHHHHHHHHHH. . . ", yelled Bloom as she was whipped. Everyone heard her in the prison and wonder who it was. "Come On, Let's go in the prison and find out what is it.", کہا Sky lead the group to the prison.

Bloom had thought about what time she had time with Sky, while she was treated like trash. Then she and Aisha heard footsteps, and Aisha ran out.

The Winx and Specialists came and saw Bloom in a prisoner cell. A non-magical بیلٹ, پٹی was around Bloom's waist, and Sky takes it off. The Specialists helps Bloom off the Mophix chains, and Sky carries her out Bridal Style.

Then Aisha came out, and attacks them, but not Sky who was carrying Bloom. "Hey, Sweetie. Marry me and I won't attack.", کہا Aisha in a smile at Sky. "Ohhh . . . ", کہا a sad Sky who was worried about Bloom's condition.

"NOOOOO . . .. !", کہا a raged Sky who care to be with Bloom all his life even with the twist and turns. Everyone ran out, and got back to ship. "Morphix String", yelled Aisha as she launched an attack on Sky, while Sky dodged it. They got back, and try to heal Bloom.
(After 6 months) Bloom and Sky went to a fancy diner, but Bloom didn't expected a surprise from Sky. At the end of their dinner, Sky proposed to Bloom. "Bloom, Many I marry You?", کہا Sky as Bloom was surprised. "Yessss!", کہا Bloom as she and Sky kissed as everyone clapped in the fancy diner.

(After 1 ماہ of Wedding Planning) "Girls, this is Bloom's lucky day", کہا Stella (Bridesmaid of Honor). "Thank you, girls for being with me like always", کہا Bloom as the Winx help her with her look. "Don't worry, Bloom. We are always will be with you.", کہا Flora as she fixed Bloom's wedding bonquet.

"Sky, bro! You're getting married to Bloom. Litterally! ", کہا Brandon (Groomsmen of Honor). "Well, I love Bloom, and she loves me. I think I'm ready.", کہا a happy Sky. "Well, ya! I guess so.", کہا a laughing Riven. "What's that suppose to mean?", asked Sky. "Well, آپ know that she'll earn Queenix if offical, and be Queen Bloom if Eraklyon.", کہا Riven answering Sky's question. "Now, Sky's ready", کہا Heila as they travel to the celebration.

"Bloom, are آپ ready to be married?", asked Musa. "Sure, why ask?", کہا Bloom. ''Well, you're becoming Queen of Eraklyon and will earn Queenix if offical.", کہا Tecna as they were about to walk to the celebration. "Well, I ready to live with the love of my life and have responsiblility.", کہا a loved Bloom as they started to walk near the celebration.

Dum, Dum, Du- Dum; the Wedding March موسیقی started as Bloom walked to Sky. The Winx line up to where they were, and the Priest started to talk.
"(Blah, Blah, Blah)", کہا the Priest with the long speech. Then it was time. "Now, آپ may kiss the bride", کہا the priest. They kissed as everyone stand and clapped.

(Author's Note): (MUST READ) This is a long story, and I'm sorry for that, and took me a long time due to education. Please just be a fan, cause I worked hard on this fanfiction. Thank آپ for understanding!

Bloom and Sky's Wedding Picture