It was the دن when new fairies arrive in alfea in every 5 years. One fairy arrive at Stella's class miss griselda introduce her. Her name is stacey. Stacey was interested in stella because she like Stella's fashion style. But stella didnt notice Stacey. One دن a big ball of spells broke the barrier of alfea and suddenly a monster came flying from the sky. All the fairies from alfea came in garden of alfea. They all transformed theirselfs but stella came in last , while comming from the stairs she lost her balance and fell down, her right leg got injured becouse of wound she cant able to transformed herself یا she cant able to move. All the winx and other fairies were trying to stop the monster except stella. The monster threw a ball to aisha, she saw the spell ball and moved from their, the spell ball broke the mirror of a dorm of alfea the peices of mirrors injured many fairies but a big peice of mirror was comming toward stella, stacey saw her and broke the mirror but mirror hurt stella not much as other fairies, the monster cant able to چرا لیا, چوری کی the secrets of alfea. When he is taking the book of secrets mrs faragonda came with the principals of red فاؤنٹین, چشمہ and and some other principals they together make a spell ball and defeted the monster. Stacey was taking care of stella where other fairies are in hospital because the monster is so strong that he hurt fairies so much. Stella soon recover, after when she recover she went to stacey and said::: thank u so much and lets be friends. Stacey become happy and they become best friends. One دن stacey came in Stella's room she saw her, bloom's and stella picture frame on the wall. She sit اگلے to stella and gave her a crystal bal and کہا whenever u miss me this ball will shine and sing stella was so happy. Stella also have a gift for her but she didnt gave her because after somedays they were reciving holidays for 1 week whe decided to give her gift on the last دن before holidays. She bring a real سونا locket and a crystal sandals for her, in the locket stella and stacey pic was there. On the last دن she forgot her gift in alfea. She کہا wait to stacey and while bringing the gift she saw many fairies near to stacey. Miss faragonda came checked her. And with a sad voice کہا she is no more..... Stella lestern that and cry a lot they didnt even hug stacey died. Stella put locket in stacey's ck and cry a lot 😭😭😭😭