Hello everyone. I created a new winx club پرستار site. I had one made before but it might become only view able and no مزید registrations allowed. So, I created another one. it is kinda empty but only because I am the only member and if I had new members then مزید posts would be added and مزید activity will be going on.
So, it would be great if آپ guys can tell me what آپ think, give me any suggestions to make it better, and maybe sign up so we can become دوستوں and so آپ can experience all that I have in store for this site.
Here is the link: link
Things آپ can do on this site: Roleplay, play games, chat with friends, get ڈیٹس اپ on the latest winx club news, شامل میں contests and win amazing فورم prizes, and so much more.
I hope to see آپ there.
BTW pictures are still being uploaded so آپ will see some empty spots but they will be filled in eventually.
Hopefully, this will be the last site cause I have made at least 3 in my lifetime and there is something that always goes wrong.
Hope آپ guys will join!