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posted by iwatchthestars
 Love is worth the fall <3
Love is worth the fall <3
(part 7..)

Helia: Flora, are آپ alright?
Flora: Oh Helia ! *sniff*
*Flora falls to Helia's arms*
Helia: Its ok, im here.
*Helia brushes flora's hair*
Helia: Who was that guy Flora?
Flora: ....
Helia: Flora?
Flora: No one. just a nobody.
Helia: ...
Bloom: So آپ were the one who did all that?
*Karel, already told the story... obviously*
Musa: How could you?
Tecna: thats isnt very nice.
Stella: Its absurd !
Karel: I-I didnt mean to do it. I just like her alot.
Layla: Well, she doesnt like you. and that means آپ cant be with her.
Karel: But let me ask آپ girls a سوال (he کہا madly)
*Karel stood up*
Karel: What if your boyfriends love somebody else? would آپ give up on him? no right? so dont tell me to give up.
*Karel went out of the door and slammed it*
Stella: Well.. he does have a point
Tecna: Stella ! dont agree with the victim.
Musa: but hey, he is really right,
Layla: but آپ gave up on Riven before, Musa
Musa: dont bring that up *Musa grinned*
Musa: your the one to talk to, آپ didnt want a boyfriend at first.
Layla: that wasnt our subject, our subject was giving up. not regreting.
*everyone laughs*
Musa: hahaha, well thats the past !
Layla: sure is !
*Helia appears*
Helia: what did I miss?
Bloom: nothing, Karel just told us everything !
Tecna: And Flora??
Helia: I let her go to sleep. she told me evrything too.
Stella: look ! my wrinkles are back.
Chatta: ...
*Tecna notices Chatta*
Tecna: dont worry, chatta! im sure Flora needs آپ now.
Chatta: what if she ignores me ?
Layla: why not try first? maybe she wont. آپ are her bonded pixie
Piff: Patoota !
Chatta: Your right, Layla !
*Chatta flies off to Flora's room*
Chatta: Flora looks peaceful when she's asleep, maybe I should just stay with her until she wakes up.
*Chatta summons her بستر and sleeps*
Karel: Flora... I will have you.
Bloom: I feel sorry for Flora, Helia and Karel...
Stella: Bloom, I understand feeling sorry for Helia and Flora. but why Karel?
Bloom: Because.. he hates his life because he turns to a monster, and now he hates his life مزید because his wish to be with Flora didnt come true. Its really sad.
Stella: oh!
Bloom: what is it stella?
Stella: After our trip from the mountain, Flora found a book with spells to remove your bad-self.
Bloom: huh?
Stella: آپ know.. remove your bad self, his warewolf self . its a bad self, right?
Bloom: yes ! yes ! your right, stella
Stella: but Flora never had time to go back to the mountains, so the book is inside the لائبریری
Bloom: then what are we waiting for? lets go to the library.
Stella: shouldnt we wake up the others?
Bloom: ok, but not Flora
*Stella didnt really hear Bloom and shouted*
Stella: COME ON GIRLS ! LETS GO TO THE لائبریری !
Bloom: I said, not to wake up Flora.
Stella: oh realy? oopps... sorry about that. haha.
Musa: ~yawn~ why are we going to the لائبریری at this hour?
Tecna: yeah.. im so tired,
Layla: and I thought someone was screaming for help.
Flora: whats the shouting about? Stella?
Bloom: nothing Flora, go back to sleep.
Stella: can I to?
Bloom: No, آپ woke them up. and آپ thought about this, so your definitely coming.
Flora: But.. I wanna come to ! آپ cant leave me, ill be worrying too much.
Tecna: Its just the لائبریری Flora, آپ dont need to worry.
Flora: But..
*Piff flew to Flora's head and glowed*
Flora: I wanna-- ~yawn~ com-
*Flora falls down and sleeps*
Layla: Great job piff !
*Piff snores*
Piff: patoota....
Musa: so, why are we going to the library?
Stella: important business, lets go !

(to be continued)
 Flora Believix ! :">
Flora Believix ! :">
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posted by Princess-Flora
This one is dedicated to Lovebaltor, and it is about Roxy and Ogron based on the song Dark Horse سے طرف کی Katy Perry ft. Juicy J. and here's the link if آپ would like to request one, but I will only be taking request through the 4th because school starts back on the 7th and I will have to get back into the سوئنگ, جھول of things with school, dance, and my solo. Note words will be Roxy (italics), Ogron (Bold) and lyrics will be both. Hope آپ all like it

    Roxy was alone سے طرف کی herself at the local zoo. Out in the open without the Winx she was vulnerable like a غزال being stalked by...
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Congratulations to Flora_Luna .She won آپ پرستار of the ماہ June! She deserves it.Here is her interview :

Q1.How do آپ feel about being our FOTM June?

Awesome! I actually didn't expect it. But this was a very active ماہ of me. I'm really glad and honoured that people chose me as FOTM June.

Q2.When did آپ start liking Winx club?

Wow, that's a hard one. Uhm, I think I started liking at when I was 5. I saw it at a channel, but I didn't watch it a lot. When I was 9 I've bought DVD's of it. Now I'm 15 years old and I still like it.

Q3.Who’s your favourite Winx club girl? and why?

Flora, definitely....
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