That night at Love&Pet...

Bloom: Layla are آپ sure آپ are ok?
Layla: yeah im fine!
Musa: آپ dont look fine..
Layla: i told آپ im fine! ok? stop asking
Flora: dont get mad at us! we just want to help آپ if something is wrong
Tecna: yeah! آپ know آپ can count with us!
Layla: fine i will tell you...
Stella: yay! gosip time!
Layla: well since Nabu died everything went down to me
Bloom: yeah, it was hard
Flora: he was so nice
Layla: yeah, but that is not the problem. The problem is that my Father want me to come back to Andros so i can be the new Queen.
Tecna: so آپ are going to be the new Queen of Andros?
Musa: Layla! thats great!
Layla: no! its not great! im sure my parents will find someone else to marry me!
Flora: like they do with Nabu?
Layla: yeah! i dont wanna marry someone else! not now!
Stella: so what are آپ going to do?
Layla: im not sure...
Bloom: آپ have to talk to your parents and tell them آپ dont want to marry!
Layla: i cant go to Andros! if i go they will not let me leave Andros!
Tecna: they cant do that!
Layla: but they will.... i really dont know what to do *starts to cry*
Musa: Layla dont cry! we will find the way آپ can be Queen without marry someone else

The اگلے Day....

Bloom: did someone know where is Layla?
Stella: i saw her this morning, she left the store but i dont know where did she go...
Flora: im worry about her!
Musa: yeah, me too
Tecna: dont worry! im sure she is fine
Bloom: yeah! now we have a lot of work to do!
Stella: but who will do Layla`s work?
Musa: i`ll do it!
Bloom: thanks Musa! now time to work!