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posted by CyD12
Raven: well...when I was born my father knew he was going to die one day. He made a prophesy over me, when I turn 16 years old my evil part will take control over me and I will be used as a portal to bring my father back to life.
Alexandra: isnt coming back to life, ilegal?
Raven: uuummm no...
Lisa: wont bring your father back to life, right?
Raven: I dont have another option!
Agnes: آپ do have! if آپ dont want to do it آپ just dont do it!
Sara: یا do آپ want to do it?
Raven: what?!? no! I hate him!
Katara: then, dont do it! problem solve
Raven: ough! آپ dont get anything! its not that easy!
Artemis: Raven is right...when a prophesy gets written it most happen
Gwen: but are آپ sure it is written?
Raven: of course it is written!
Terra: where?
Raven: I dont father hide it from my mom and from anyone who wanted to touch it...
Angelina: but...he just cant control your destiny! آپ are the only one who controls it
Raven: there is no way to quit the prophesy...*sighs* I will have to do it even if i dont want to
Agnes: there most be a way!
Raven: there is not...
Gwen: we wish there could be a way to help you
Raven: there isnt! its not محفوظ for you
Lisa: we are fairies! we can handle anything
Raven:you dont know my father like I do! when he gets back he will be مزید powerful than ever! not even the most powerful fairy in the magic dimension will be able to stop him!
Alexandra: and when exactly is your birthday?
Raven: September 15th...until that دن آپ cant say anything about this! got it?
Terra: dont worry! we will keep the secret!
Raven: please tell me آپ will check on Terra! she can say anything to anyone!
Artemis: dont worry! we wont say anything *smiles*


Grizelda: *gets in the room* girls, Faragonda wants to talk to you
Artemis: about what?
Grizelda: a really important thing... now move! move! move!


Gwen: uummm did آپ called us, Ms. Faragonda?
Faragonda: thats right, come in please!
Agnes: Grizelda کہا آپ want to talk to us about an important everything ok?
Faragonda: yeah it is...I need to talk to آپ about a really seriuos thing
Terra: ok then, tell us! whats wrong?
Faragonda: a few days پہلے I found out something that impress me a lot... I found out about Raven`s family
Raven: family?
Faragonda: *nods* is it true that your father is Trigon?
Raven: yes, it is
Faragonda: and do آپ have any idea of how dangerous he is?
Raven: yeah...but he is dead now!
Faragonda: not all of him is dead...I know he is still living inside of you, آپ know his evil part.
Raven: but I am not evil like him!
Faragonda: when آپ came here to Alfea I told آپ that I didnt like your actitud and if آپ make some trouble آپ will be out of آپ remember?
Raven: yeah...but I dont know why I am here! I havent done anything bad!
Faragonda: at first I didnt know about your father but now I know everything about him, and I know he is really dangerous...and I know آپ are dangerous too
Raven: what?!? dangerous?!?
Lisa: excuse me Ms.Faragonda, but she is not dangerous!
Artemis: yeah! she is our friend
Sara: and she hadnt done anything mean یا dangerous!
Faragonda: sorry girls but آپ dont know what she is hidding, Her father put in her a prophesy
Raven: آپ know about the prophesy?!? who told آپ that?
Faragonda: thats not important...girls I need آپ to get away from Raven
Terra: what? no!
Gwen: we wont do that
Angelina: sorry Ms Faragonda but she is our friend and she needs us!
Faragonda: آپ dont have any idea of the danger آپ are in! she will bring-
Artemis: her father back to life, blah blah blah! we know all that!
Alexandra: yeah, she already told us the story
Lisa: we know her very well! we know she is not dangerous!
Agnes: please dont ask us to get away from her!
Katara: she is our friend!
Faragonda: so آپ think she is not evil at all?
Sara: of course! we are مزید than sure!
Terra: yeah! is not her fault to be mad all the time she just-
Raven: I will explain this part! my powers and my life are controled سے طرف کی my emotions and feelings... and well as آپ know my birthday is in less than a ماہ and آپ know what will happen then
Faragonda: I see...well we need to stop your father then
Raven: آپ مزید than anyone know that a prophesy cant be broken...there is nothing we could do!
Faragonda: thats right...the prophesy says that آپ will bring your father back to life, but it doesnt say آپ wont be able to stop him!
Raven: what are آپ talking about? We cant stop him! he will be مزید powerful than ever!
Faragonda: everything has it debility...he can be stop if آپ trust آپ can do it
Raven: آپ really think I can stop him?
Faragonda: yeah! but if آپ dont fell so sure your دوستوں could help you! I see their powers will be very usefull
Raven: them? no way! I wont let them fight against my father!
Angelina: ough! come on Raven!
Raven: no! to dangerous!
Faragonda: sorry but آپ dont have any option! they most help you, and I will call some specialists to help آپ too
Raven: specialists? no thanks! I have enough with fairies!
Faragonda: آپ will need their help Raven, now go to your room and relax! tomorrow is saturday آپ will have time to relax and on monday آپ will start to train with Grizelda
Lisa: what?!? whit Grizelda?
Terra: well..if Raven doesnt want us to help her we wont force her!
Faragonda: nice try but آپ will help! now go to rest
Angelina: *sighs* ok...see آپ tomorrow Ms Faragonda...
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