Flora in Believix
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Flora was born on March 1. She is the shyest, most quiet and generous member of the Winx Club.

In the first few seasons, she stayed quiet and really didn't have a strong connection with the Winx. But soon, her bond grew stronger especially with Layla (Aisha in RAI English and the original) princess of Andros due to that she helped Flora gain confidence to talk to Helia. (Specialist of Red Fountain)

Her دوستوں call her "Kind" "Sweet" and "A very nice friend to have".

Soon, in season 2, Flora recieved her bonded pixie: Chatta, the pixie of chatter and gossip. And in Season 4, a little گلابی cat who she names Coco.

She also has a sister, Miele (Rose in 4kids) who she saves and recieves her Enchantix for doing so.


Flora's first appearence in the دکھائیں was when she was around 15 years old and met Bloom while she headed up to her dorm.

Seasons 1 and 2:

Flora's normal season 1 and 2 outfit is a light green midriff سب, سب سے اوپر with puff sleeves, a گلابی سکرٹ, گھیرنا decorated with strawberries and گلابی heels.

Season 3:

Her outfit for Season 3 is a گلابی midriff سب, سب سے اوپر with puffs sleeves and dark گلابی polkadots, red سکرٹ, گھیرنا with a گلابی sash, below-the-knee گلابی socks , red heels and a dark green ribbon tied around her neck into a bow.

Season 4:

Flora`s civilian outfit for Season 4 is a sleevless گلابی dress with light green سپتیٹی, اسپگیٹی sleeves. The dress is decorated with flowers and leaves with a green بیلٹ, پٹی decorated with a yellow flower. Her shoes are dark green wedge heels with گلابی ribbon straps.

Winx Outfit:

Flora`s winx outfit is a dress in orchid and fuchsia گلابی with matching boots and formal fingerless gloves. She has a لیموں, چونے green choker band with a light گلابی four petal flower. Her wings are لیموں, چونے green in colour and are shaped like leaves.

Charmix Outfit:

Her Winx outfit stays the same but she has a tiara shaped pin above her chest with fuchsia گلابی jewel in the center and crimson rose shaped handbag.

Enchantix Outfit:

Flora`s enchantix outfit a hip-length orchid گلابی dress with light گلابی edging. At the سب, سب سے اوپر of her dress are two small stripes in turquoise and bright green. Her fairy pendant is in the middle of the stripes and fuchsia گلابی edging going out of the four petals. On her feet she wears barefoot cyan sandals with fuchsia گلابی jewels and on her arms she wears light گلابی translucent above-the-elbow gloves. On her head she wears a cyan blue tiara with fuchsia گلابی jewel in the center . Her wings are light گلابی edged, light green with گلابی lines leading from the edge of the wings to a cream yellow centre in the middle of her wings studded with light green drops and small green droplets hanging from the points of her wings

Believix Outfit:

Flora`s Believix outfit is a middle گلابی and light گلابی petal theamed sleevless above the midriff top. Her سکرٹ, گھیرنا is a sort of mini tutu in hot گلابی with yellow-green frills underneath and a yellow string belt. Her shoes are hot گلابی with white heals and a light گلابی toe edge with mmatching socks. On her wrist she wears گلابی wrist bands. Her hair is in buns with turquiose blue bows and آڑو highlights. Her wings are hot گلابی fading to yellow, dark green edging and clover piercings.

Attacks/ Magical Abilities:

Flora is the fairy of nature so her attacks mainly surround plants and flowers.

Golden Pollen: makes a wind blow the opponent away یا makes green ivy لپیٹ, لفاف کریں an opponent
Green Luxurious Ivy: an Enchantix spell that's a lot like 'Green Ivy', but the vines are much stronger and come straight from the earth. The ivy is like a neon green color.
Venus Gobbler: summons one یا مزید giant Venus Fly Traps.
Inferno Rose: grows several purple-red thorned vines to constrict an enemy, create a wall, یا block paths
پھول Twister: creates a tornado blast made of bright گلابی flowers (called Ninja Daisies in the dub).
Summer Thunder: shoots a green energy ball, one of her few offensive attacks.
Autumn Wind: conjures a beautiful breeze made of colorful flowers that acts like a homing میزائل to blanket the target in a constricting flowery mist.
Winter Rose: summons a دیوار of thorny vines to protect herself and others.
Breath of the World: Flora's Believix Power, allows her to make people feel appreciation towards the environment and also doubles as a spell that can heal the surrounding area.
Spring Ring: used only once in a Believix Convergence where Flora summons a shield in the shape of a green shamrock.
Green Ivy: Creates an ivy plant that ties up the opponent .(renamed Ivy لپیٹ, لفاف کریں in the dub, Enchantix Ivy لپیٹ, لفاف کریں at Enchantix level)
Extractor Seeds: Flowers that drag enemies into the ground.
Rose Kiss: She blows a kiss of rose petals that explode on contact.
Air Bubble: She can place a person in a bubble to save them from drowning یا suffocating, as she did with her sister, Miele (Rose in the 4kids version).
Breath of Nature: The force of Nature, the vital energy of the root pushing its way above ground. (Sophix Level)
Untamable Nature: (Lovix Level)

Transformation Sequences:


Flora dances, then bending her head back she is engulfed in light. She recieves her gloves in a series of sparkles and her outfit is recieved also. She flies into the sparkling green scenery and strikes her final pose while a bright green پھول appeares in the back. (Lasts 0:15)


Flora is standing and the shouts, spinning around while she recieves her pin ahd then her bag. Soon striking a final pose. (Lasts 0:10)


Flora's eyes are closed while her hair blows in the wind as petals surround her. She soon opens her eyes and light گلابی eye shadow appears. She closes her eyes once مزید and a crown appears on her head and her bangs go up, making her hair twirl and tighten until it becomes longer. She then stands upright while she dances around, covering her chest while lights make up her outfit. When her outfit is done, petals encircle her arms creating her gloves. She spins once مزید as the sight shifts to her legs and she recieves her shoes/ribbons arrive. Petals soon block the seen and then دکھائیں a huge rose in which Flora bursts from, covering herself as she recieves her wings. She then finally, strikes her final pose. (Lasts 0:48)


Flora is smiling and sitting down most likely in the frame. Then, گلابی strands of petals covers her up and encircles her chest becoming her top. She spins as purple strands of flowers appears and encircle her torso creating her skirt. She spins around as the screen shifts and she recieves frills on her hands. آپ can also see that she had recieved purple eye shadow, her hair is now in the fairy form and ready to go. She spins and her wings appear in a flash of light. She spins once مزید and strikes her final pose. (Lasts 0:29)


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Flora in Winx
Flora in Charmix
Flora in Enchantix
Flora (Left) & Helia (Right): In season 4
Flora in her normal outfit for Season 4
Flora in her normal outfit for Season 3
Flora in her normal outfit for season 1
Chatta: Flora's bonded Pixie
Coco: Flora's love pet