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posted by FloraBoricua
Flora: I need to find him
-She کہا in a low voice, but someone heard her-
"Excuse me?"
-Flora turn to look. It was a boy like her age. He had short black hair, with blue eyes and was a little bit tall than Flora-
Flora: Sorry, My name is Flora, and I'm looking for someone
" My name is Julian"
Flora: Nice to meet you
-She کہا with a smirk-
Julian: And who are آپ looking for?
Flora:I'm looking for a guy named Helia
Julian: Helia?
-He کہا surprised-
-Flora nodded-
Julian: The one who's going to marry the Princess Gea?
-Flora look astonished-
Flora: No, that can't be him, I guess
-In her mind she was saying...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At Amazonia
Diana(Fairy of nature, appears season 4): OOh no... It can't be true. She is alive!!

At Alfea

-Flora went running to Stella's room-
Flora: What happened Stella?
-Flora looked surprised for a moment and then started giggling-
Stella: What is it funny about being trapped and kidnapped سے طرف کی your living plants?
Flora: Is just that they're harmless and آپ act like it is a big deal
Stella: It is a big deal!!
-She looked away and close her eyes mad-
Flora: آپ just have to say please and they will let آپ go
-Stella looked indignant but still said-
Stella: Can آپ please...
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posted by winkslover22
sky just broke up with bloom. what bloom did't know was its her twin sister. her sister is the goddess of magic.

hey bloom. what stella bloom said. guess what their a new fairy at alfea she looks exaclty like u. really bloom said. come look: stella. bloom:fine. roes: bye sky love آپ to. sky:love آپ roes have fun at alfea call me when your done unpacking. Roes:i will. roes:i better head to my dorm. Bloom: ارے watch it. Roes: sorry i didt see u. can آپ help me find my dorm? bloom: sure let me see your paper. ok your in the same dorm as me. Roes:cool. thanks.Roes: whats your name im roes. Bloom...
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posted by Flora_Bloom
 Layla~We believe in You~~~
Layla~We believe in You~~~
[I'm writing most of this from my heart. I remembered how awful I felt when I saw some ویڈیوز and a web page,so I've decided to share my thoughts and feelings.]

Have any of آپ ever noticed that Layla is the one member of Winx who is always forgotten?
Not that I'm against Roxy یا something,but even though Roxy's new,no one forgets her....
People keep forgetting about Layla...
She's the one member of the Winx who isn't paid much attention to from fans.
On a website,I saw that all the Winx were there.
But Layla wasn't.And fact is,I didn't notice myself until I'd looked at the page 2-3 times....
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posted by Alifya
Here are basic skin care secrets everyone should know!!

Apple Mask(For Normal Skin)

Needed Things:
An سیب, ایپل (cored and quartered)
2 tsp honey

Method: Take a blender یا a food processor and chop the pieces of سیب, ایپل in it. Mix the honey and put it in refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your face with the tapping motion. Tap the area until the honey feels tacky. Leave it for 30 منٹ and rinse it off with cool water.

Banana Mask:
Needed Things:
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp. all natural honey
4 tbsp ground oats
Mineral water
1 cucumber

Method:Mash the ripe کیلا until it has a smooth texture....
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Hello I'm the Winx Critic, I remember it so آپ don't have to! Well after our مزید than a ماہ wait (What was the point of that Nick, really. Lemme tell آپ what happened while we waited: "The Desolation of Smaug" came out, Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special came out, Catching آگ کے, آگ came out, Thor 2 came out, Lady GaGa released her newest album "Artpop" and I just--why) we finally get to see this new abomination known as Bloomix. Now, I have to admit, some of the transformations look semi-decent. But that name, and where it comes from...curse its origin to the fiery bowels of hell! *clears...
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I really like all the transformations, but this is my سب, سب سے اوپر five.

1. Sirenix

So I saw many Sirenix haters, but what's the problem with Sirenix? It's really beautiful. I like the hairstyles and I also like how their hair get highlights. I might hate the pants which make them look like athletics, but it looks beautiful like rainbows. I like the accessories on Aisha/Layla's Sirenix, the 3D is really hated سے طرف کی me because they look like Barbie dolls! But what's the problem with Sirenix?! Fellow Sirenix...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So thanks to SummerThunder we have an image of Bloom's mythix. It's a better name then Bloomix but not much and I have to say based on the look I'm not excited, and I will explain why in this article.

 credits to SummerThunder and where she found it
credits to SummerThunder and where she found it

The Mythix power will allow the Winx to enter the Legendarium. Just like Sirenix, the transformation will be in both 2D and 3D. It will be 3D when the Winx are in the Legendarium. It just doesn't seem that well thought out to me almost like it was thrown together real fast.

Based on Bloom's hair I don't want to see the rest. It's flat...
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ارے there winxies. It's Meeka here, with a special, early, مضمون to the winxies ;)
Now if your name isn't on this فہرست please, please don't feel any kinda way about it. It only means we've never really talked to each other, so please don't be offended.
Okay let's get started.

Winxclub_Stella (Mel): Where could I possibly start with this girl? Okay first of all she's funny as shit. I love talking to her on fanpop and Chatzy. She's such an amazing person. And she's so caring. I remember around when I had first started fanpop and گیا کیا پوسٹ the chatzy link on the Winx club wall, I guess I...
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posted by magicenchantix
Hello everyone. I created a new winx club پرستار site. I had one made before but it might become only view able and no مزید registrations allowed. So, I created another one. it is kinda empty but only because I am the only member and if I had new members then مزید posts would be added and مزید activity will be going on.
So, it would be great if آپ guys can tell me what آپ think, give me any suggestions to make it better, and maybe sign up so we can become دوستوں and so آپ can experience all that I have in store for this site.
Here is the link: link
Things آپ can do on this site: Roleplay, play...
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posted by dragonflame23
As part of Professor Palladium's field trip to Black-Mud Swamp, the class must navigate from Black-Mud Swamp to the clearing in the Gloomy-Wood Forest سے طرف کی listening to nature and without using any magic. Unfortunately, the trip doesn't start well as Stella struggles with the wilderness and Tecna is tempted to use magic within منٹ to escape a mud bog. While the girls find their way to the school, the boys from Redfountain have been assigned to escort the fugitive troll captured in Gardenia to Magix city for trial. Unable to let their plans come into the open, the Trix plot to rescue the troll...
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posted by ateebarehman
Layla: this was alfea so nice & beautiful.
Musa:hi! My name is musa & I'm from melody r u new in school??
Layla: yes my name is Layla & I'm princess of Andros.
Musa:😮 my majesty welcome.
Layala: no majesty u can call me layla .....
Musa: come on I will introduced my friends.. This was Bloom,stella,flora & tecna.
Layala: nice to Meet u.
Bloom: r u from Andros??
Layla : yes but how do آپ know??
Stella: Mrs faragonda کہا there was a girl coming from Andros..
اگلے مضمون is on the way
I know I was supposed to post this on Wednesday, butera I didn't so here it is. 10:47 P.M on a Friday. XD Enjoy.

Three blobs in the middle of a vast black space turned into Flora, Tecna, and Musa in the middle of the city Tecna and Musa went to the first trip.
“Okay let’s get out of obvious sight.” Tecna کہا while running into an alleyway followed سے طرف کی Musa and Flora.
“Okay Flora we have to be super careful and stealthy because we left pretty much on the wanted dead یا alive list.”
“What did آپ guys do?” She asked.
“It wasn’t مزید so what...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO


Flora POV

When I woke up, I physically didn't have the energy to open my eyes all the way. It was hard to breathe, and I felt like someone was strangling me. I heard that man's voice again, just as evil as it was the last time we talked.

"Finally. It's been two days since the last time آپ were awake. How's it going for you?" He smirked. I couldn't say anything, I just lay there. I could feel my energy draining سے طرف کی the second.

"Nothing to say? How about...
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posted by yasmin124
Yasmin hi
Flora hi
whats your name mine is Flora
Yasmin my name is Yasmin
Flora your name is amazing
Yasmin yours too your my favourite winx i love آپ hugs
Flora AW thats sooo sweet thank آپ tell me about yourself
my favourite colour is گلابی
mine too
Yasmin im sooo glad we love گلابی its sooo pretty
Flora agree
who are your دوستوں
Flora Bloom shes nice Stella has great fashion sence Musa is very musical Tecna is a great friend Aisha helped me with Helia
Yasmin whos your boyfriend
Flora Helia hes very sweet and romantic hes perfect i love him soooooo much hes so romantic...
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Chapter 4

Royal Meeting [Adventure to Crystal Island]

So with Stella I went آگے and I was very sad and at the same moment feeling pity for her. I slowly came close to Stella and murmured “Everything will be fine, believe me” when I کہا so she smiled slightly and in a soft voice say “Yeah I guess so” she was still sad and suddenly a voice came and it was too loud to be heard “Bang!” And Stella holds me and کہا “Save me! Save me! Save me!” she screamed and I کہا “Don’t worry dear it’s a درخت fall I guess, don’t be afraid” and I hugged her tryin’ to give her...
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Do We See Her Ever Again?

Well, this chapter is kind of bonus chapter. This will be about Nature Festival. Enjoy!

Chapter 5: It's Party Time!

* Princess Crystal's POV , Linphea 's Royal قلعہ *

I stared silently out of the window of the Great Hall. The sky is clear and cloudless, the air is warm, and I should be happy, but I'm not. I sighed and stared out مزید closely. Soon my mother, the Queen, came to me.

" Are آپ waiting for Flora ? " She asked me. I nodded quickly, and looked at her.

"Do آپ think she will come?" I asked her. She chuckled.

"That was like, the tenth time today, when آپ asked...
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posted by RoseOlaf
I saw Winxclubgirl202 do this, so I decided to do one for myself.

Name: Rose _______ ______ (only those who know my FB knows)
Age: 15
Birthday: 18th October
Favorite TV Show(s): Winx Club, Doctor Who, Avatar, Sailor Moon, Sam & Cat, Pokémon
Favorite Movie(s): Frozen, The Hunger Games, Burlesque
Favorite Celebrity/ies: Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Idina Menzel, چینی مٹی کے برتن Black, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Lorde, Ariana Grande, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Xandria, Epica
Favorite Book: Frozen novels

I describe myself as..

Feisty, kind, sweet, shy, energetic, adventurous, courageous, rightful,...
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posted by zikkiforever
Did آپ think آپ could get away with leaving me out of the lists?Well WRONG!About a million of these have been done ,so here is another one ,which آپ probably will only look for your name and read what I کہا about you. Sorry if I forgot some of you.


Best Quality:Understanding

Iti needs to be first on my فہرست ,because of how sweet she is. We never talked much ,but I got to know her on the disney spot better ,because we was on the same team and what can I say?Iti helped me out,had my back and constantly understood me. All the time,she is positive and can make sure anybody has a smile...
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posted by zikkiforever
This is a song fiction about Helia and Flora when Krystal comes into their romance ,so Flora thinks they are dating blah blah blah. The song is White Horse سے طرف کی Taylor تیز رو, سوئفٹ and I hope آپ enjoy.

Flora's P.O.V

I am so confused. I love him ,but he felt for another,my دل was broken and not even Layla could comfort me nor my own sister-Miele. Honestly,I will never know how it happened Helia introduced Krystal as a friend,nothing more. One سیکنڈ آپ are defeating the trix,the اگلے the love of your life slipped away from you. It was too late now for him to come around.

All I needed was to get my...
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