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So I thought with being on Fanpop and this spot for a سال (12/27/2012 through 12/27/2013), I would do my سب, سب سے اوپر ten پسندیدہ characters. This فہرست includes the good, the bad, and the background characters. This is my opinion so if anything I say offends آپ please remember we all have various opinions and are allowed to have differences since this a spot for what یا who we love, not what یا who we hate.

10. Roxy
I really like Roxy. She seems like a sweet kid, and if I found out I was a fairy I probably would react the same way as she did. So what if she was the focus for Season 4, she is the...
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posted by zikkiforever
I decided I am going to create a chain of song fictions. This one is another Taylor تیز رو, سوئفٹ one(I love her) it is called Speak Now. I don't own anything. This is about Bloom and Sky. Warning Bloom may be a bit OOC.This is when Diaspro is in the picture blah blah blah. I won't spoil it anymore.

Sky's P.O.V

I am freaking out!I am freaking out!

"Man calm down,everything will be fine,"Brandon assured me.

"I am marrying Diaspro in a few hours and I don't want to!"I replied.

My idiot dad has this partnership going with Diaspro's parents and basically they made a deal last year,saying that me and Diaspro...
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I really missed writing Winx Club پرستار fictions, so I decided to write this one. “The Silver Ring” is mainly about all the Winx members, not just silly little Bloom. I don't know if it should be horror یا mystery; because both categories are easy to write. But I think I prefer mystery with a bucket of horror!


CHAPTER 1: Room 311/Roxy's POV

"Ready for the test, Roxy?"

I flinched at Stella's question, as she and the other Winx walk to me. She beamed with her typically bubbly disposition.

"Stella, آپ just made me nervous." I said. "I think آپ can do it, Roxy–I mean, it's just a simple attack....
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posted by Princess-Flora
So it's been a while since Winx Club season 5 has been on TV and the تاریخ kept switching for when the last three episodes would air and it finally did today. I think it's محفوظ to say Saving Paradise خلیج, کھاڑی was a Flora centered episode since she was the one to find the Breath Of The Ocean, Save Paradise خلیج, کھاڑی with The Breath Of The Ocean, use her sirenix spell پھول of Sirenix, got to use her Sirenix Wish and she did overcome her self-conscience issue in the beginning when she spoke in front of the entire council; but, that's just my opinion.
First off remember this is my opinion and thoughts on...
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This idea just came to me. If I miss any out feel free to تبصرہ and tell me. I'll be doing main characters and main minor characters, if آپ know what I mean :p. Ok so lets get started.

Bloom - Mary-Sue

As much as love Bloom, and I do she one of my پسندیدہ characters, I kind of have to agree on that she is a Mary-Sue. Practically everything does come to her with little یا no work but I do love her never give up attitude.

Stella - Fashionista

You probably saw this one coming as it it pretty obvious, she is the blonde princess into fashion. There's one in every show, but I wish they made her slightly...
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posted by florasedge31
ارے guys I know آپ love this story alot and are awaiting the sequel to the sacred کبوتر and new people. Posting may be slow for a few days because on Friday I will be going to my dads house (has no computer) then my grandparents are coming to pick me and him up Saturday to go to North Carolina 'til the end of July. And my lazy self did not have the... common sense to start packing and washing clothes until today, and i have alot of clothes to wash. So the point is posting will be slow until اگلے Monday. BUT DON'T FRET I WILL POST WHEN EVER I CAN!! AND LOOK OUT FOR A DOLLAR SIGN $ there's...
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*Sorry I took so long. Me and my Mom's were planning for my bday. Which is TOMORROW JUNE 12th YAYYY!! heres what you've been waiting for*

~Winx and specialist~
"Ok what should we do?" Musa asked in a whisper.
"Ok heres what we think we should do. We knock out these guards, then we go and freeze those ladies that are working on Flora. Then after that we get Flora and put a amnesia spell on the ladies so they don't know what happened. Sound good?" Sky and Riven said.
Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Then let's do this." Sky said. He and Riven walked up to the two guards. (keep in mind they're still...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 The house
The house
Finally at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ house
-------The اگلے morning everyone wakes up to the smell of saltwater and beachy air and of course the bus driver saying we have arrived. Everyone quickly grabs their luggage from the overhead compartments and from the sides of the bus. Once every gets their stuff they look up to see a gargantuan house with multiple windows, balconies and levels. The group of fourteen heads towards the house but when they are about to ring the doorbell it is opened سے طرف کی Professor Palladium and a woman with مرکت, ایمرلڈ green eyes, dark brown hair and tan skin who must be his wife, who are the...
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posted by florasedge31

"I was gonna have fun smacking around goody goody." Stormy said.
"Sisters, sisters it's fine." Darcy کہا calmly while sitting down with her legs crossed.
"I saw but I put a spell on پھول girl before they got out the cave." Darcy said.
Icy and Stormy looked at each other.
"Really?" Icy asked.
Darcy nodded.
"Without consulting us?" Stormy asked.
"Well there wasn't much time to really consult...
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posted by stellamusa303
IDK what's so cool about Flora! I disliked her character from the start. She tends to have a lot of shyness and caring. She cares too much. I mean, caring about people is awesome, but she cares too much about nature. I get it Flora, آپ are the fairy of nature! But seriously, Flora, آپ have to stop acting like that plant is your life! -__-'

She's the سیکنڈ strongest fairy? Really? A strong someone doesn't focus on the powers. I admit, nature is powerful, but to be strong, آپ have to be a little tomboyish–well not that tomboyish, a girl needs to have some feminism–and much مزید brave....
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posted by lovebaltor
So as آپ can see سے طرف کی the title, this مضمون is going to be on my opinions that would be deemed unpopular یا least favored within this fandom. Hope آپ enjoy my ramblings.

1. My پسندیدہ dub of the دکھائیں is the 4kids dub.

Honestly, I don't see why so many people have such a problem with this dub. I have complaints saying that 4kids cut out scenes and changed the plot. I have seen episodes from Rai and the original and the only things they have changed are: Andros to Tides, Aisha to Layla, Domino to Sparks, Valtor to Baltor and Miele to Rose. These are only...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Pajama descriptions------
Bloom: hair is in a French braid with a blue head band and 3 small ruby red hearts on the left side. سب, سب سے اوپر is cyan blue, سپتیٹی, اسپگیٹی straps with a white bralette (styled like a bra but really isn’t one) and 3 tiers of ruffle and the shorts are white with a cyan waistband. The slippers are also blue and worn with knee high white socks with a cyan blue rim
Flora: hair is in a fishtail braid with bangs pin back with گلابی crystal flowers. The سب, سب سے اوپر is a hot گلابی long-sleeved turtleneck with a گلابی satin bow above on the lower right side. Her shorts are also white but have a...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"Well girls, wonderful job on defeating Trittanus. آپ will all get a vacation soon, and along with some very special Red فاؤنٹین, چشمہ boys..." Ms. Faragonda teased.

Stella, being her usual upbeat self, squealed."Really? We NEED new clothes! ASAP!!!"

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, followed سے طرف کی screams.

"What is going on??" Flora asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, we better go check it out!! Let's go girls!!" Bloom commanded.

The girls transformed into their Sirenix and flew outside, only to see the infamous Valtor fighting some girl in an unfamiliar form.

"This is what آپ get for not agreeing...
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 The best character in Winx...
The best character in Winx...

5. Mitzi: I will start off with an extremely unpopular opinion. Mitzi is my fifth پسندیدہ character. I honestly have yet to see one person besides myself who actually likes Mitzi. So why do I like her? I like her because she hates Bloom, crappy reason, yeah I know but I can't help it. I also like her because she is a Trix fangirl like myself. While all of the people in Gardiania (sp?) where all 'yay Winx' she was like 'Aw yeah Trix'. That made me laugh. I also really love her witty insults and comebacks.

4. Darcy; She is one of my پسندیدہ because of her general attitude. She's calm...
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posted by MissAngelPaws
 Layla imagining Nabu being here with her
Layla imagining Nabu being here with her
~The girls arrive at the Frutti موسیقی Bar and see the boys so they run over to them but Layla stays behind~

Stella: Aren't آپ coming?
Layla: No. I guess I'll just stay here.
Stella: Oh come on. آپ know I reaalized that lately, آپ seem to have been spending time alone سے طرف کی yourself and not with us.
Layla: Don't worry about me. I'm jut having a difficult time these days. I'll get over it soon.
Stella: Ok *runs over to Brandon*

~Layla sat at the empty میز, جدول at the corner and looked at the girls. She imagined Nabu being here. Roy looked at her, took a deep breath, and walked over to her~

Roy: *nervously*...
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