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posted by Princess-Flora
So Stella, Timmy, Layla, Sky, Musa, Riven and Brandon all have clean slates. I wonder who will be next.

She sat in the corner of the room listening to Chandelier سے طرف کی Sia. It was the redhead’s پسندیدہ song. It helped her get though the tough times she’s experienced that started last summer. She was alone until her phone lit revealing she had a text message. She opened it and it read drip drip. The blood splattered on the snow like yours did on to the bathroom floor. Tell them you’re not as stable as they think یا آپ can count on a one way ticket to a white padded room. Bloom froze as...
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Video by: MelusinexFaeriexHinata / Song by: Epica
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Inspired سے طرف کی the song Outside Looking IN سے طرف کی Jordan Pruitt.

Most people ignored me because I wasn’t like the rest of them. Everyone was so outgoing and in fashion, but even though I knew the trends I was always ignored. I was on the outside of the group ever since that rumor spread like wildfire. I was now my own best friend. It was sad to think a person I used to call my best friend turned on me. I remember that دن like yesterday.
I was walking in the hall to my class when I overheard my five best دوستوں talking. They were talking about me and how I always brought them down in fights because...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Past Chapters
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-----Helia’s p.o.v
I woke up earlier than normal. I got and kissed my wife’s forehead as she continued to sleep. I decided to get ready since my parents were coming over today along with my grandfather and Ms. Faragonda. My parent already knew but our two past school leaders did...
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full episode
season 3
rai english
episode 19
posted by florajames
hi guyes florajames here and im here to tell آپ when my new storys are up so آپ aas آپ know my laptop has broken and im doing this in school and so becasuse i have no computer my story of nature and the hallow scare new episode will be up every monday and wednesday and maybe saturday سے طرف کی 4;00 i hope آپ can understand my situation but on the 26 of october my birthday im getting a new laptop so as soon as i get one i will be able to post مزید storys i hope آپ understand my situation and how i do most of my posting on my phone یا school computer the اگلے chapter may be up سے طرف کی saturday so untill then i wish آپ all the best
plz do not change
i love آپ guyes
love and hope
ps if your entering my compertion plz awnsa my سوالات on the other artical
thanx you
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Kind of an early Halloween thing; vampire Icy. Why? Because every fandom seems to have at least one vampire fic.

Pale and cold.

Void of a soul.

Icy sat herself upon a velvet cousin sofa. It was dark out now, the moon invading the room from the space in the curtains. She shifted slightly allowing herself to place a glass upon the nearest table. Crimson liquid dribbled from the rim, the droplet adorning the polished oak.

She was awaiting a guest. The man was a fool to take her up on any offer, much less one that put him alone in a room with her.

Each and every one of them had been foolish.

Each and...
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posted by Princess-Flora

My older sister lit the آگ کے, آگ place in the back room to keep us warm since she put out the one in the living room. I watched her sit اگلے to the آگ کے, آگ so I did the same as I gathered my long ballroom سکرٹ, گھیرنا to sit on the carpet floor. She sighed and looked at the آگ کے, آگ before looking at me and telling me about the legend I never heard. Flora کہا The legend is something the people in the kingdom have believed in for centuries. However only few believed in this ancient legend until twenty two years ago, this was the same سال I was born. Now what caused everyone to believe in it was my welcoming...
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posted by RidingSolo245
“So what exactly happened before آپ guys found me?” Tecna asked.
“Okay, we found out who had kidnapped you. They blackmailed the nurse into giving آپ to them. Flora used the voice of nature to track them in the forest. Then a bunch of lightning bolts came from no where and when they stopped Flora was missing but we found you.” Stella کہا quickly.
Tecna nodded slowly.
“Where would they take Flora to anyway?” Aisha asked.
“Well, they really didn’t want آپ guys to find out. And if Flora was the one ‘Successfully’ tracking them then she was ruining their plans. So I’d imagine...
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By: Winx Club Not me (Avater13).
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