✓ A Fact-Fiction سے طرف کی Death the Kid's Wife

I wake up to a swirling world. The room spins around me in a circle, and there's a massive pounding in my head. It kind of freaks me out. I don't like hearing the blood rushing around in my skull. It's not very comforting. My right arm feels like it's on fire, but I can tell that it's bandaged up, and bandaged well too. Some voices emanate just outside the door. It's bright. The sunlight leaks through the مالٹا, نارنگی curtains, and I feel strangely at peace despite the circumstances. I wonder how long I've been out. I hope it hasn't been too long. I look around the room. It's tidy and very neat. The posters on the walls are cute and inviting with little chibi characters plastered all over them.
The door is slightly cracked. I hear voices, and they don't sound too happy. There's a silhouette of a person just outside the door, but I can't make out who it is. Then, after my ears calm the pounding in my brain, I recognize who's talking. It's Kid, a stranger, and Sid - the zombie man that came to our rescue in the supermarket. The stranger sounds stern but also a little silly. His voice is very high-pitched. I wonder who it is.
"This is all my fault," I hear Kid say. They must be just outside. I can hear every word. He continues, "I take full responsibility for her injuries, Father."
Kid's father? Lord Death is outside this room? I try to sit up, but I'm still a little too weak to move. I just woke up after all. Oh, I hope he doesn't come in here. I don't want to make my first impression on Lord Death in a hospital bed. And what does Kid mean?
"What do آپ mean it's your fault, son?" Lord Death asks. Thank you, Lord Death. My thoughts exactly.
"Jordan isn't a student from the Academy," Kid affirms.
"What?" Sid asks. "Kid, آپ knew this the whole time? Why didn't آپ say something?"
"I thought I'd be able to keep her safe," Kid replies. He doesn't sound sheepish. Not at all. He's speaking as if he's defending himself in a very bold manner. "A few days ago, she tried out for enrollment into the Academy. She didn't pass the strength division so she was rejected. I interfered and told the administrator that I will train her so she can re-take the test. The reason I did that was because of her soul wavelength. It's unlike anything I've ever encountered before. I couldn't just walk away. I thought I would be able to protect her. That's the only reason I didn't speak up."
"Kid, آپ violated an Academy rule," Sid asserts. "It's in the meister handbook. آپ are not to allow a trainee to fight alongside آپ in combat under any circumstances. That's completely against the rules. She could have died, and her blood would have been on your hands."
"I already told آپ that I thought she and I would be able to handle it," Kid snaps back. "I know that I broke a rule. That was wrong of me to do. But آپ have to believe me when I say that I honestly believed things wouldn't turn out this way."
"But look at where we are now," Sid جوابات disdainfully.
"Now, now," Lord Death interrupts. "Let's not argue. I won't tolerate that kind of behavior in my halls. Now Sid, may I speak with my son in private please?"
"Sure, take your time," Sid says, and I hear his footsteps fade away as he makes his way down the hall. They probably don't know I'm listening. I shouldn't be eavesdropping, but I really can't help it.
"Sid does have a point there," Lord Death تبصرے as soon as they're alone. Kid doesn't say anything so his father continues. "I'm sorry, but I will have to punish you. Rules are rules, and I can't pardon آپ just because you're my son. That wouldn't be setting a good example."
"I understand," Kid says. Wow, he's so diplomatic. Most teenagers would probably roll their eyes یا try to fight back with defensive words, but not Kid. He's taking everything in stride. I can't help but admire the way he's handling this. However, I'm going to have a talk with Lord Death as soon as I get the chance. Kid shouldn't be punished for this. I was the one that suggested I go in the first place. I should be the one getting punished here. Not Kid. And I'm going to tell Lord Death so as soon as I'm released from the infirmary.
"Now I have to ask آپ a question, son," Lord Death says, his voice dropping an octave. He definitely sounds مزید serious. I'm guessing this banter has a lot مزید gravity than first perceived.
"Why did آپ feel so inclined to protect this girl?" he asks. That's a سوال I never thought of. Kid's silent. I'm guessing he doesn't know how to respond. I can't deny the fact that I felt inclined to protect him too. Every time he was in danger, I felt a pang of panic jolt through my entire body. I felt as though Kid was a part of me that I did not want getting damaged. I would even go so far as to say that I was ready to jump in front of Kid to save his life if necessary.
"I…I don't know…" Kid replies. "I guess it's because she's my responsibility. I took her in and offered her training along with her sister. It would be detrimental if anything happened to her while under my care."
"If that is so, then why did آپ allow her to go into the heat of battle with آپ in the first place?"
Another series of سیکنڈ pass before Kid says, "I'm very fascinated with her soul wavelength… It's intriguing to me. I guess I wanted to see how she'd do against a powerful opponent. I didn't think she'd be in any serious danger because Sid and I were with her. I would have never allowed her to come had I known she'd end up here."
"Ah," Lord Death sighs. "So you're interested in her soul."
"I'm not only interested… I'm desperate to know مزید about it. I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm never this reckless. I'm never this unconscionable, and I deserve every ounce of punishment آپ deem fit, Father. I'm sorry. I will not put her life at risk again. I promise."
Lord Death shakes it off. "Never mind that for now, son. The important thing is that all of آپ came back in one piece. آپ say that you're intrigued with her soul wavelength. What has آپ so entranced سے طرف کی it? There must be something آپ see in her soul that's got آپ interested…riiight?" He speaks matter-of-factly, as if he's expecting Kid to say something he already knows. How strange.
"I don't know what آپ want me to say," Kid answers. "I have no idea what I see in her soul. All I know is that it's very powerful, unlike any I've ever encountered before. I feel drawn to it like a کیڑے, کیڑا with a lamp. I don't know what it is that makes hers so different than the rest, but I'm determined to find out. I feel like I have no choice."
    Silence follows. I'm sure Lord Death is analyzing his son's words just like I am. So Kid feels the connection too. That's a relief. I thought I was going insane. I want to know more. I want to know what Kid has been feeling and if it's anything like the static I've been experiencing. There are so many things I'd like to ask him, but I'm not sure whether یا not I should. It'd be kind of strange, especially since we just met. I'm going to wait a little longer. Maybe with time I'll be able to figure out what's going on between us. I'll bring it to his attention when I have some sort of a basis to go off of.
    "I don't want آپ to say anything," Lord Death replies, his tone spring-boarding back into optimism. "It was only a question. Don't mind me. I think it's good that you're training this girl, giving her a سیکنڈ chance. I'm very proud of you, Son. You're turning out to be a fine Grim Reaper. Continue to keep this girl under your wing. With your guidance, she'll be enrolled as a student in no time. I trust آپ won't put her life in danger again."
    "Right," Kid agrees.
    "As for your punishment, I think I'll take 10 kishin souls away from each of your weapon partners. Does that seem fair to you?"
    "All right, Kiddo. I'll be in the Death Room if آپ need me."
    Everything I just heard is overwhelming. My head whirls with the thought of it all. Kid is interested in my soul? What's so special about me? It's because of my soul that he was thrown across the room the other day. And that's not the only thing on my mind. That witch, Belladonna… What did she say again? Something about a Grand Witch's vision? It's all too muggy to remember right now. I'll have to think about it some other time when my brain doesn't feel like it's going to explode.
    I hear a shifting of weight that seems to be closer to the door. I settle myself down into the confines of my بستر sheets as Lord Death takes his leave. The door begins to creak open so I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. It has to be Kid. I'll wait for a few منٹ and then pretend to wake up.
    He stands there for a moment, not making any noise. Then I hear his footsteps as he settles himself down into a نشست اگلے to my bed. I wait a few مزید moments before opening my eyes as if in a daze.
    "Wh…Wha…?" I begin to say.
    "Easy," Kid says, placing a comforting hand on my arm. "Don't move. It's all right. You're in the infirmary at the DWMA. You're safe."
    "Kid," I cough. Wow, I didn't know my voice was this raspy. How embarrassing. "How did I get here?"
    "I carried آپ after آپ passed out and flew آپ back here to the Academy as quickly as possible," he replies. "You suffered a bad injury. Your body was infected with poison from those thorns that pricked your arm…"
    He flew me? How did he fly me here? Does the Academy have some sort of medical helicopter یا something? Does Kid know how to fly a helicopter? That's an interesting thought.
    "Oh," I say, holding my head. I try to sit up, but it's still a difficult task for me. Kid tells me to take it easy, but he helps me to سہارا up against the pillows. He gives me a glass of water, and it helps to clear up my voice. Thank goodness. I sound like I've been gargling nails for the past few hours.
    "Please don't tell me I've been out for a few days," I say a little jokingly. He doesn't laugh though. I don't blame him, and I don't expect him to be in a humorous mood right now. Although I can't help but try to ease the tension in the air. It's too tangible for my liking.
    "Don't worry. You've only been out for a couple of hours. It's a good thing we got آپ here when we did. The nurses were able to stop the poison before it spread to your heart. This little incident could have been…a lot worse…" He looks at the ground, extreme disappointment and guilt stamped on his face.
    I raise my eyebrows and soften my expression. I don't like to see him sad. It breaks my heart. I've never seen him like this before. It's almost like I can feel everything he's feeling. "Kid, what's wrong?"
    He sighs very lightly and then brings his honey eyes back up to mine. "It's my fault you're here…" he explains, "If I had just spoken up like I should have, this wouldn't have happened to you… I'm so sorry…"
     "Please don't say that. Kid, this isn't your fault," I placate. "I was the one that suggested I go. I wanted to take the risk. It was my own decision. The only reason I'm in this hospital بستر is because of my actions, not yours."
    "I knew آپ were going to say something like that," he starts. "But you're my responsibility until you've gained access to the Academy as a student... So it is my fault. You're under my supervision for now, and I failed you. I failed my father. I failed my responsibility to your safety, and that's unacceptable. I should have کہا something, but I didn't. And because of that, you're injured. I can't apologize enough, Jordan."
    I shake my head. I can see that no matter what I say, he's never going to take into consideration that I'm the bad guy here. All I can do is assure him that I'm the reason I'm in this little predicament.
    "Don't apologize. You're not at fault here. آپ didn't know this was going to happen. I'm sure that if آپ did, آپ would have کہا something. You're not capable of knowing what the future holds. At least I didn't die from this. That's what matters, right? Thank آپ for getting me back here as quickly as آپ did. I know it must have been scary. Because of you, I'm alive."
    He blinks a couple times, his stare glued to the بستر sheets. "Yeah…but because of me, you're hurt." He can't hold my gaze. He must feel too guilty to even look at me. This isn't good. How are things going to be if we don't fix this?
    Kid stands up and walks to the door. I watch him, wanting to say something, but no words pass my lips. I don't want him to go. I hate that this dilemma isn't resolved, especially since he's feeling guilty about something that wasn't in his control. I feel a pang of isolation and fear jolt through my body, but I'm not scared about what just happened. I'm scared because I don't know when I'm going to see him again.
He looks back at me with remorseful eyes for a سیکنڈ before opening the door and disappearing, taking with him all my peace of mind.

"Do آپ think you'll need any مزید Morphine?" my nurse, Cynthia, asks me. I give her a bleak smile and shrug it off. "No need. I'll be all right." I've been in the infirmary for a whole دن now. It was hard for me to get any rest last night so I asked the doctors for something to knock me out. I hadn't slept the night before, and I knew that I would need to sleep in order to perform my day-to-day tasks…and to get back on track.
I سوئنگ, جھول my feet over the side of the bed. "What do آپ think? Will I be able to walk out of here today?"
She writes some results down on a sheet of paper and turns to me with a comforting smile. "I wouldn't doubt it. Your test results came in this morning, and they're all negative. آپ should be on your feet in no time. Let me just run these results سے طرف کی the doctor so I can get his OK."
"Thanks," I say. It's about time. I'm so impatient when it comes to hospitals. Then again, I'm impatient when it comes to anything really. I can't stand the anxiety that comes with waiting. It's too nerve-wracking, not to mention excruciatingly boring. The nurse clacks out of the room in her high heels and closes the door, but as soon as it closes, it opens with a loud bang.
I'm startled and jump a little at the sound when I see who's standing there.
"HIYA, JORDAN!" Black سٹار, ستارہ shouts with a powerful fist pump. Behind him stands Liz, Patty, Maka, Soul, Adrienne, and Tsubaki. I smile. It's great to see them. After all the torture I've been through in the past couple of hours, it's a relief to finally be surrounded سے طرف کی دوستوں again.
"Hey, guys! What are آپ doing here?"
Maka comes in and sets a vase of flowers on the میز, جدول beside my bed. "We just came here to check on you. How are آپ doing? It looks like you're making a full recovery."
"Funny آپ should say that," I say. "The nurse just کہا my test results are negative. I'll be out of here today. I'm just waiting for the doctor to release me. Thank آپ for the flowers!"
"You're welcome! It was Soul's idea," Maka points out, innocently throwing her arms behind her back.
"What?!" Black سٹار, ستارہ exclaims. "NUH UH! The flowers were my idea!"
Soul chuckles. "You wish آپ were that cool."
I laugh. "I really missed آپ guys." Who knew I'd ever say I missed friends? I'm so used to being alone. I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to have people around آپ that can bring a smile to your face. Friends. I finally have some, and it's all thanks to…Kid. I glance up at everyone. "Hey…um…have any of آپ seen Kid?"
I need to know how he's doing. Is he still upset with himself?
Tsubaki shrugs. "I haven't seen him."
Adrienne shakes her head. "I haven't either. I thought he'd be here with you."
"He came ہوم very late last night," Liz points out. "And he left early this morning too. We didn't say much. He just کہا he had a few errands to run, but I found that hard to believe."
"Why is that?"
She shrugs and feigns indifference. "Eh, I don't know. Kid's not a very busy guy unless it comes to missions and stuff. I think he just wanted some alone time." Liz is his weapon partner, and she's known him a lot longer than I have. I'll have to take her word for it. If her premonition is true, then he must still be upset about everything that happened. Great. I have to find him.
Just then, the nurse walks in with a broad smile. "Well Miss Lunette, it looks like you're all clear. Be careful. آپ may still feel a little woozy here and there. If that happens, take some Tylenol یا Ibuprofen."
I stand up. "Thank you, Cynthia."
With a giant, hearty laugh, Black سٹار, ستارہ pats my back a little roughly and chortles. "It's about time we got outta here! C'mon, guys! We can go play a game of باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال یا somethin'!"
"All right, Black Star," Soul says, "but if we play, I call dibs on Adrienne. She's on my team."
My sister laughs and jumps on Soul's back. "Meep!"
A groan escapes Maka's lips as she hangs her head in disappointment. "No, no basketball… I still don't know how to play…"
I've always considered باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال a fun sport. Although I've never actually been on a team, I'm fairly good at shooting. It's dribbling that I have a problem with. I tend to stumble over my own two feet. I smile down at Maka. "It's all right. I'm not too good either. We can suck at the game together." This remark brings a sheepish grin to her face; however, I'm not planning on playing any sort of game today. My first priority is to find Kid, but I suppose I can tag along with them for now.

The باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال court is gorgeous. I haven't been to this part of Death City, but it's beyond peaceful. The luscious, green trees sway in the welcoming breeze, casting cool shadows on the gray concrete beneath. The golden sun, blue sky, and fluffy white clouds hang above our heads, and the birds chirp back and forth to each other in a harmonizing symphony. Things could not be مزید peaceful. If only Kid was here to add to the joy of it all.
"All right!" Black سٹار, ستارہ yells. "Tsubaki, Patty, and Jordan are on my team. Adrienne, Liz, and Maka are on your team, Soul."
"Why do I have to be stuck with Maka?" Soul says, pointing a thumb in her direction. "Everyone knows she can't play."
"Hey! I'm not completely useless!" Maka defends. "Okay, yeah. I guess I am pretty useless," she says, hanging her head.
    I giggle a little. They really are quite the group. Continuing to look around the beautiful court, something dark and out-of-place catches my eye. There he is, elegantly standing and leaning sideways against a wall. He's watching me. How long has he been there? Just the sight of him is enough to set off the electrical charge I've been feeling around him. Upon noticing his presence, he glances sideways to the park exit. I guess he wants to talk to me.
    "Uh, guys…? I'll be back in a little bit. Play without me!" I say, waving apologetically.
    "What?" Black سٹار, ستارہ asks. "You can't bail on us now! We were just about to get started!"
    "I know! I'm sorry!" I start making my way to the exit, and Kid leaves before I get there. I turn to look at them just once before I walk out.
    "Great! Now what are we supposed to do?" Black سٹار, ستارہ asks angrily, kicking a stone from the ground. It zooms through the air like a juggernaut, ricochets off a lamp post, and comes back to hit him in the nose. "Ow!"
    Maka shakes her hands frantically. "No problem! I'll just sit out on the bench! آپ guys can play!"
    I smile. Some other time, I'll have to compensate for my absence. I saw Kid disappear around a corner. I hope I haven't lost him. Turning around a building, I follow the only trail visible. It's concrete, freshly paved. The wind rushes through my hair as I make my way up a flight of stone steps to emerge onto a vast, grassy platform. It's beautiful up here. Blue, purple, and گلابی flowers border the garden, along with a small rock garden and a bamboo fountain. The sky is a velvet red and dusky مالٹا, نارنگی as the sun slowly fades over the horizon. The clouds are crisp and white like ہنس feathers, but also very mellow as the atmosphere morphs into night. His hair gently sways in the calm breeze as he stares out over Death City, sitting comfortably on a wooden bench. I listen to the sound of my own footsteps as I traverse from hard concrete to soft grass, and I take a نشست اگلے to him. The static-like connection becomes stronger the closer I am to him. Even now, I feel the powerful link we shared that دن in the sparring room.
    He doesn't look at me. He keeps his gaze straight. I follow his stare to the outskirts of Death City. It looks like nothing but desert. How strange to be in such a beautiful city just to look out and see a view of nothing but sand and hills.
    I fold my hands on my lap and wait for him to say something. I don't know if I should be the one to break the silence. I certainly feel like I should. I despise having any sort of awkward silence with people. It's not comfortable and often hard to deal with, being someone like me.
    I look up to see him staring at me. What is he thinking about? He looks thoughtful, reminiscent.
    "It's good to see آپ back on your feet," he says at last.
    I start twiddling my thumbs. Well, at least he didn't jump into any iffy subject just yet. We're probably going to gradually ease into it. Oh, boy. I can do this. I'm going to sit here, and I'm going to deal with this the way I should. I'm going to set him straight. He's not going to feel any مزید guilt because of me. No way. I won't allow it.
    "Yeah, the doctor discharged me this morning," is all that comes out of my mouth. What was that? C'mon, Jordan. Be a woman! Speak what's on your mind, dammit!
    A moment of silence passes before he lets out a tiresome sigh. That's not a good sigh. Here we go.
    "I think we both know why I brought آپ up here," he says, breaking the ice. "And before آپ say anything about how you're right and I'm wrong, please answer me this question: What do آپ think would have happened if I had spoken up about your being a visitor at the Academy to Sid?"
    Damn. He's good. I'll have to answer him truthfully but with a subtle rebuttal. I'm not going to let him walk away from this argument still feeling guilty, whether I'm right یا wrong.
    "I would have gone anyway," I say, shrugging my shoulders.
    "What would have happened," he counters, "is Sid would have made sure آپ were safely confined inside an Academy classroom where آپ would have been supervised سے طرف کی a staff member."
    "Gee, that sounds like loads of fun," I say sarcastically.
    He turns to look at the sun, narrowing his eyes. "Maybe not, but آپ would have been safe."
    "Kid," I say tiredly, turning and looking at him. "What's done is done. آپ can't predict the future, and I believe I went out there for a reason. I believe that everything happens for a reason. آپ didn't speak up. So what? It was my decision to go fight. So, if anything, I should share some of the blame. Stop acting like you're the bad guy here. I'm just as guilty as you. We are both at fault here, so just stop! I hate seeing آپ so remorseful for something that wasn't in your control!"
    This remark causes him to go completely silent. His yellow eyes bore into mine, and I desperately try to see what's behind those pupils of his. Anger? Regret? I can't tell. I wish I could read his mind just for this moment alone. He looks as if he can't believe the words that just came out of my mouth. I can hardly believe them myself. Did I really just admonish Kid? I hope he doesn't think I'm angry with him. I'm not. I'm not the least bit angry at all. I was speaking out of my concern for him and his feelings.
    I turn and look away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scold you."
    "No, you're right," Kid says. "I'm the one who should be sorry. All this stress can't be doing آپ any good. آپ were just released from the infirmary after all. Forgive me for being so brash."
    He's really good with words. I'm having a feeling this apology is sincere though.
    "It's okay," I remark. "Don't worry about it. I just don't want to see آپ so sad anymore."
    "The only reason I was sad was because I knew آپ were hurt due to my mistake… I know now I'm not the only guilty one here, but it was still bothersome."
    "I understand," I say agreeably. "I probably would have felt the same way. But like I said, آپ can't blame yourself."
    He smiles a little. It's good to finally see him smile after so long. It may be a subtle smile, but it's a smile sure enough. Good. We're getting somewhere. For a moment, I consider asking him about the static I've been feeling. Even now, it's making its presence known, coursing through my body like millions of polarizing neurons.
    Is it time? Should I bring it up? Not one word has been spoken between us about what happened in the sparring room that day. Isn't any of that worth mentioning? He must feel something, right? He کہا he felt inclined to learn مزید about my soul wavelength when he was talking to his father, but to what extent? I have the same feelings. I might as well be honest with myself.
    Should I let him know that I heard everything he said? No… No, I can't do that. I'm an eavesdropper; I'll admit that, but I can't let him know I was listening. I'll let him tell me everything he needs to tell when he's ready.
    He interrupts my train of thought with a comment.
    "We really need to get started on your training. I don't mean to place any pressure on you, but it's imperative if آپ want to become a part of the student body."
    Damn, he's right. I've been here for a couple of days. I can't get lazy now. I need to stay focused. "You're right. If I want to have any chance of joining the Academy, I have to get my game face on. We'll start training tomorrow."
    He smiles a little, the kind of smile that could be interpreted as smug, but as it appears on Kid's face, I can only interpret it as understanding یا slightly amused. "You're quite determined. I like that about you. I can see that you're eager to be a part of the Academy. I want to see آپ succeed, and I'm sure آپ will when we're finished here."
    "I have to get in," I say, looking down at the grass. "I want to actually mean something for once in my life. I feel like I haven't established my purpose in this world. The DWMA is full of integrity…and دوستوں that risk their lives every دن for each other. I admire your social group. آپ guys aren't fake. You'd never back-stab one another. You'd give your life in an instant to save one of them, wouldn't you? That's all I want. I want to be a part of something like that. If I'm going to risk my life یا possibly die some day, I want to die for something worth fighting for."
    "I'm lost for words," he says, his eyebrows raised as if he's utterly shocked. "I had no idea آپ felt that way. I can't say I feel any different. I am a Grim Reaper. It is my job to protect the souls of innocent humans, and I will fight to defend that cause, even if it means the loss of my own life. This world will always be inhabited سے طرف کی evil, but where there is evil, there is also good. The DWMA is the institution that protects that balance. If آپ don't get into the Academy, which I don't think will happen, the school will be missing out on a very devoted and brave young lady."
    Every word he speaks is like poetry – sound, comforting, and wise. I look into his eyes, and it's almost like I'm staring into a mirror. I see understanding. I see wisdom. I see something that resembles myself. And I'm at peace. "Thank you…Kid," I whisper. The sun fades behind the horizon, and the static gets a little stronger.

    A crystal ball sits on a بنفشی, وایلیٹ tablecloth, luminous and bright. Foggy mist swirls around the ball, and a woman – her face encompassed behind many layers of cloth – stares into the ornamental instrument with her one, good magic eye. Some say she is just as powerful as Lord Death himself; however, due to the loss of her other magic eye, her capabilities are currently limited. Nevertheless, she is still capable of many things, and her cruelty is heard of far and wide across the world. The crystal ball before her blazons a young Shinigami boy and a petite girl sitting together on a bench in Death City. Slowly, the ball begins to fade until nothing but a sinister black shows from within.
    She removes her hands from the ball, and her female cohorts eye her with uncertainty. Finally, she addresses them. "Make no mistake," she says. "This girl is the one we have been waiting for."
    One witch drifts behind the Grand Witch's seat, hesitant to speak. "What did آپ see, Grand Witch Mabaa?"
    "Gather a meeting," Mabaa orders, standing up from her seat. "Gather a meeting now. I will not speak until every witch within the area is in attendance." She motions to one witch about to make her leave, pointing her long, gnarled finger in her direction. "And…Andrea?"
    "Yes, Madame?" she asks, turning back toward her mistress. She's a small witch with blonde, wavy hair that goes down the length of her back. She wears a brown, earthy بلاؤز, کمری and skirt, and she appears frail on first glance.
    "I request the presence of the Immortals," she confirms.
    "The…The Immortals?" Andrea asks, fear pricking into her voice. "You mean the same Immortals that the Reaper banished from Death City all those years ago? Why do آپ want them here?" she asks, terrified.
    Suddenly, Mabaa stands in front of Andrea, her nose just one centimeter away from her own. The pupil gone, the Grand Witch's foreboding eye narrows in enmity. "Did I ask آپ to سوال me? Would آپ rather I toss آپ into the Pit?" She motions to a dark pit in the corner, sealed with an iron gate to keep those who are unfortunate enough to be thrown inside from getting out. No sounds emanate from the Pit…unless, upon the intermittent occasion, someone is cast into the depths of it. Only then the most bone-chilling of screams are heard. "Would that satisfy your curiosity, Andrea? Bring the Immortals here! And when آپ find them, tell them that the Grand Witch herself is willing to make a deal. Find their leader. He goes سے طرف کی the name of Makoto Perish. Go now! And do not fail me!"
    Bowing and backing away hastily, she consents, "Right away, Madame! I won't fail you, Madame! Your wish is my command!"

    Scores of witches make their way into the crammed courtyard, and conversational whispers fill the air. Tiny fireflies dance their way above the heads of the witches as nighttime reigns down on the small assembly of magical beings.
    The Grand Witch levitates in front of her fellow witches on a raised platform, waiting for the opportune moment to commence in delivering her message. She will be clear and concise as she always is. Belladonna, the floral witch, stands beside the Grand Witch as her mistress floats in mid-air. Her eyes are smug, and her red lips are pulled up into a slight smile of conceited awareness. "Ahem," she says daintily. "Order in the courtyard, please. Grand Witch Mabaa is now ready to speak."
    The talk dies down. The Grand Witch's magic eye darts back and forth consciously as she evaluates her audience of witches, young and old alike. Satisfied and with all eyes on her, she decides to speak. So silent is the atmosphere, not even the crickets chirp.
    "Thank آپ all for coming here today," she begins. "I am sure آپ are wondering why I have called this meeting on such short notice, but I do trust that آپ and your company understand the vitality of this congregation. Allow me to cut to the chase. Before today, witches – young and old alike – have lived under the thumb of the Grim Reaper and his Academy. We have been hunted for many years, all the while fearing our souls would be reaped in order to fulfill the requirements needed to create a new Death Scythe – a personal weapon used سے طرف کی the Reaper himself. Since that is the way of things, I have been dictating that آپ remain dormant. The last thing we want to do is attract the unwanted attention of the Reaper یا his army of adolescent meisters. However, things have changed since the establishment of the Academy. Today, we find ourselves in the midst of one strong enough to destroy the monarchy of the DWMA. A young girl…who possesses the rarest and most powerful soul wavelength known to mankind. The passion wavelength."
    The witches gasp in astonishment and begin whispering again. The Grand Witch patiently waits until they grow silent once مزید before continuing.
    "More powerful than any other wavelength, the passion wavelength only comes around once every thousand years. It is powerful enough to wipe a single continent off the face of the earth. Only certain people are born with this wavelength, and the full extent of what this wavelength can do is still unknown. The reason I choose to bring this to your attention now is because now is the time to act. With the power of the passion wavelength, we can smite the Academy and kill the Shinigami scum once and for all!"
    Outbursts ensue throughout the crowd. Some are enraged with the idea, some are frightened, and some are shouting words of unanimous agreement. The noise level rises and rises until it almost seems like complete and utter chaos.
    "Quiet! Quiet! EVERYONE, SHUT UP!" Belladonna screams.
    Abruptly, the arguments cease, and the Grand Witch tilts her head down, closing her eye.
    "I do not want آپ to panic," she states controllably. "There is no reason to panic. I am sure that آپ all have your own opinions concerning the matter, but before آپ start running for the hills, answer me this: Are آپ sick and tired of constantly looking over your shoulder? Are آپ tired of the Shinigami and those impudent children that attend his school? Are آپ tired of being treated like some sort of trophy? We are all tired of the Reaper, aren't we? We are tired of being hunted, which begs the question: How much longer are we willing to put up with this? If we are going to live freely, then we must be willing to fight! There is no alternative! We will band together and we will fight today! یا we will hide and die tomorrow. Your. Choice."
    The witches look at each other, not sure exactly what to make of the Grand Witch's words. Nothing like this has ever been discussed. It's always been a policy of the witches to remain hidden from the DWMA and its meisters due to the threat the Academy has always posed against them. However, her bolstering words seem to have an effect. One سے طرف کی one, the witches voice their cries of agreement.
    "Death to the Shinigami!"
    "Long live Mabaa!"
    "Death to the Shinigami!"
    "Long live Mabaa!"
    This chant continues over and over again until every witch in attendance is joining in unison, lifting their voices higher and higher until the very walls seem to shake. Consequently and certainly to everyone's surprise, a horde of footsteps – subtle at first – begin to echo throughout the halls. The chant dies down, weak, unsure, as a small, unexpected group makes its way through the crowd. Gasps escape the mouths of those who recognize them, while others stay silent, unknowing of who these strangers are یا what misfortunes have befallen them.
    A group of seven, clothed in dark, مرکت, ایمرلڈ cloaks which shield their faces, traverses through the congregation, forming a V shape with exact acuity, as if they've had preliminary practice beforehand many, many times. They walk the halls surely as if it was their own home, and the Grand Witch stares, pleased to make their acquaintance at last.
    "The Immortals? Why are the Immortals here?"
    "Did Mabaa authorize their arrival?"
    The head of the V formation stops in front of the platform, and the others follow suit. They do not say anything.
    Mabaa grimaces in disgust. She'd know that stride anywhere. "I should have known…"
    The head of the V shape smirks a little, lifting his white-gloved hands up to the ڈاکو, ہڈ of his cloak. Upon exposure, his eyes appear closed self-consciously. Every witch in the audience gasps at the sight of the young Immortal. He cannot be مزید than 18 years of age. His pale skin seems to glow almost angelically in the candlelight, and his blue eyes almost appear grey, like a shimmering pool of crystal water found in the depths of the most exotic rainforest. His silvery, white hair perks up on the right side in three distinct spikes, but the bangs on either side of his head complements his face to perfection. Licking his two, pointed fangs partially hidden behind an evil smirk, he lifts his head up and meets Mabaa's gaze through hooded eyes.
    "Malachi Perish," she spits out. "I should have known your brother would send you." [Pronounced Mal-uh-kai]
    Malachi laughs a little under his breath. "Aw, I missed آپ too!" He giggles some more, looking about the room with evident judgement. "Nice party آپ have here. It's a pleasure to make your beautiful wrinkly face's acquaintance, oh great witch, Mabaa," he says, bowing respectfully but completely disrespectfully.
    "You little imp," Belladonna growls, stepping forward, but the Grand Witch stops her, holding her hand aloft. "Leave him be. We cannot get tangled up with this one." Even the Grand Witch knows not to get into trouble with the younger brother of Makoto Perish.
    Malachi sticks the tip of his tongue out at Belladonna quickly before turning his attention back to Mabaa with pursed lips. "Sorry my brother couldn't be here. He was attending some other…hmm…more important business. I'm here to do his dirty work as آپ can see!"
    "Your impudence wouldn't be tolerated here if it wasn't for your family name," Mabaa disdainfully says. "However, you're here now. So it'd be best we take this to a مزید private venue. Belladonna, آپ may assist me. The rest of آپ are dismissed. We will have another congregation on a later date. Go now."
    Malachi turns to the six followers behind him and motions forward. They follow behind him as Mabaa and Belladonna lead the Immortals to a private chamber.
    As they enter, a small, bird-like witch holds a tray forward, balancing a rather large bottle of vintage wine on the سب, سب سے اوپر of it and small glasses containing the liquid. She's small, appearing to be 10 یا 11-years-old. She wears a جیکٹ with blue feathers around the collar, jeans, and some high-top Converse.
    Grand Witch Mabaa addresses her. "Janay, offer our guests some wine, would you?"
    Janay, the 11-year-old witch, quickly bows her head and holds the tray آگے to the Immortals as they walk through the door. Malachi is the last one to enter, grabbing the wine bottle off the tray rather than a glass and taking a thirsty swig. "Whew, I was parched. That's some good wine! Yeah, I like that." He tosses it behind him, and it breaks on the floor. "So what did آپ summon us for? And it better be good. The Perish family does not appreciate wasted time."
    Janay sighs and twirls her finger, about to use magic to clean up the broken wine bottle, but Belladonna grabs her wrist and shakes her head, glaring dangerously as if to warn her. With a curt nod, the small witch grabs a جھاڑو and begins to sweep, rolling her eyes.
    The Grand Witch sits down in her enormous throne, carefully watching the young, bratty Immortal and not taking her eye off him for a second. As she talks, he waltzes around the room with his hands tucked behind his back, lifting this piece of furniture and that, looking for anything valuable he can lay his hands on.
    "I was hoping I'd be able to converse with your elder brother," she states. "But it appears you'll have to carry on the message. I assume Makoto is faring well? And what became of the witch I sent you? Andrea?"
    Picking up a gargoyle's head and staring into its eyes, Malachi shrugs and tosses it behind his shoulder. One of the Immortals carefully steps out of the way as the gargoyle's head rolls by.
    "Yeah, he's doing fine I guess." Malachi shrugs. "And that little witch? Sorry, we thought آپ were sending us a snack. But enough about my brother! What do آپ have to tell me? I'm growing impatient with this idle conversation. Besides which, you're utterly boring. I've had مزید interesting conversations with myself!"
    Belladonna steps آگے menacingly. "You little brat! Don't آپ dare talk to Grand Witch Mabaa like that. دکھائیں some respect before I slap that childish smirk off your Immortal face!"
    Chortling, Malachi places his hands on his hips and leans آگے as if bending over like a comical school girl. "Ooooooooh! Scary! Please, your پھول power is too much for me to bear!"
    "That is it!" Belladonna screams in outrage, charging آگے to attack. Suddenly, a greenish projection appears in front of her, and it brings Belladonna to a halt. She looks back at Mabaa, huffing with evident hatred discharged with every exhalation. Mabaa glares down at Belladonna, and her gaze is warning enough. The spatial magic Mabaa is currently using as a blockade is one of the many abilities she possesses.
    Belladonna turns back to the force field and says, "You…You brat. I'll kill you."
    Stepping forward, Malachi holds a hand to his ear.
    "I کہا I'll kill you!" she screams.
    He squints into the blockade and tilts his head in confusion, holding his hand up to his ear again.
    Mabaa shakes her head. "Belladonna, your presence is no longer welcome. I will be fine in here. Please leave and take your fearsome temper with آپ at once."
    It's the first time in a while that Mabaa has called for privacy without Belladonna's attendance. Shocked, Belladonna gathers her bearings and leaves, glaring daggers at Malachi before sauntering out the door.
    The spatial magic disappears, and Malachi looks back at Mabaa with pure delight. "That was fun! آپ shouldn't have told her to leave! Things were just getting interesting."
    "Do آپ want to hear what I have to say یا not, Perish?" she asks.
    "Go on."
    For the first time in a long time, Mabaa pulls her lips up into a crooked smile. This news has been long awaited. For many a year, the witches have waited for this time to come. However, they are not the only ones. Lord Death has encountered many enemies, but none so notorious as the Perish family. The history of the Perishes goes back a long ways, during the time in which Death City was still a budding town of small, middle-class civilians. Hatred for the Shinigami has brewed and bubbled and boiled beneath the surface, but this hatred could never be acted upon…until now. Certainly, this دن has been long awaited.
    "The era of the passion wavelength has begun," she says. "A young girl possesses it, and the bond has started to grow. The Shinigami boy has already taken notice, and I believe she has too. It's only a matter of time before the bond reaches full maturity. I assume آپ know what that means...don't you?"
    Slowly, Malachi's eyes grow slimmer until he's glaring cunningly into the Grand Witch's lone magic eye; his smile matches the demeanor of his cold stare.
    "Tell me more…about the Shinigami boy."
Malachi Perish