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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Leader- Gougespirit(Edwin3)- large dark tabby tom, fierce amber eyes.

Deputy- Firetooth- smaller long furred dark tabby tom, unusual rusty red eyes.

Medicine cat- Moonface(TalaLeisu)- black tortoiseshell, unusual dappled fur, green eyes.


Grasspoppy- brown tabby tom, green eyes.

Marshface- golden tortoiseshell she-cat, amber eyes.

Apprentice- Fallenpaw

Fleetflight- brown tabby she-cat, amber eyes.

Apprentice- Blackpaw

Hornettail- black tom, amber eyes.

Mushfur- brown tabby tom, green eyes.

Apprentice- Dustpaw

Bigear- large gray tom, amber eyes.

Apprentice- Maizepaw

Kestrelwing(arcinegal123)- dark...
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Gougespirit shuffled his feet as he paced restlessly. He could've sworn that IvyClan was spying on them. Their scent crossed the border in multiple places, but when the followed the trails they lead them to seemingly empty and obscure places that even most ThistleClan cats don't venture. What in the name of SpiritClan would invite Leopardstar to send her warriors there?

The weirdest part was them leaving without a trace. No مزید scent trails that lead anywhere, and no markers. Sometimes, though, they'd find blood and fur, یا feathers, as a sign of hunting. IvyClan had not only crossed the border,...
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