Tokyo Ghoul Create Your Own Ghoul !!

Ryuuikari posted on Nov 30, 2014 at 12:41PM
Engage your mind, let your creativity flow and make your own ghoul XD

The format can be something along these lines:

Alias: (What do the CCG call your ghoul ?)
Ranking: No rank / Low rank / S / SS / SSS

Gender: Male / Female / Unknown

Appearance: (What do they look like ?)
Ghoul Mask: (What does their mask look like ?)
Ward: (Which Ward do they live in ?)
History/Bio: (Does your ghoul have a backstory ?)

RC Type: link / link / link / link
Kagune appearance: (What does your ghoul's Kagune look like ?)
Kagune special abilities: (What special abilities does your ghoul's Kagune have ?)
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