for 5 harry potter movie Tom Felton also played as(draco malfoy) has been seen in the فلمیں for less than 10 سیکنڈ یا 10 minutes. now for the half blood prince, lord veldermort has chosen draco malfoy for a mission. His mission his is to kill harry as he possibly can. During in one of the movie trailers draco کہا "i have to do this". To me i bet he doesn't want to kill harry at all. I bet when harry and serious black injured his father. He's getting revenge for wat they did to his dad and draco is always jealous of harry since he came to hogwarts when he denied his offer, about making the right friends.From little school bullying to a huge magical duel will harry win the fight یا draco will kill the chosen one. آپ will see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on July 15 2009