I know its been a while figured id start on this try to finish this story sory for this not being hear for such a long time.

Tony is back at his cave wear he would normally be. Waiting for his son Garth to come ہوم so he can explain what he saw. the word "allways" streamed through his head like crazy. He slowly began to walk up to the cave. Gazing as he watches his pack work, play and do what ever.

Tony: Garth....wear are آپ (hanging his head slowly)

Winston begins to walk up the side ہل, لندن to the cave as he trots over and sits down beside tony and looks at him

Winston: Tony......i know your still upset buddy but......you cant just let it bring آپ down like this

Tony: (mumbling) Then maby i should....kill my

Winston interrupts

Winston: Killing your self wont solve any thing do آپ seriously think nierah whats آپ do to that no....Tony if آپ ask me....i think maby moving on will help you....find a new mate

Tony: I don't know i have but....i cant

Winston: I know a couple single wolves who could use a mate? maby آپ could meet them یا something?

Tony: Maby but for now...i think i just want to rest and think things over maby talk to my son.

Winston: Ok....and tony if آپ ever need to talk یا any thing well.....you know wear to find me

Tony: Sure i will

Winston slowly walks off back to his pack. Garth walking up saying his good byes to lilly as he licks her nose telling her lovely stuff like "see آپ tomorrow and i love you"

Garth: ارے dad....is something wrong

Tony: Son آپ know how i always tell you....about how much your mother and me love you

Garth: yes (noding)

Tony: Well I saw.....

he pauses and thinks as he shuts his eyes beginning to tear up as garth walks over to comfort him

Ok well this is it for this chapter i know its probably short and what not but if آپ comet leave a idea in a msg یا comet. Thank You