After hearing the strange voices near Nierahs deth scene the whispers slowly fade away and Tony begins to thing and he thought for a long time as he mumbled to him self
Tony: that sounded like....Nierah

after a while he lays on the rock they once sit at and when the first met it wasnt too far from the falls it was also were the had there first kiss

Tony:I remeber (pausing) so well

????:(hissing) remeber what

tony jumps up as he hears the sounds again

Tony:who...who are آپ

????:i am the one آپ loved the one who helps آپ i am your wife and mate Nierah

Tony:Nierah how are آپ talking to me

Nierah:Turn Around

Tony turns around only to see something so shocking and it would be hard to believe. It was the ghost of Nierah she was a pale white glowing wolfish figure آپ could make out the snout her ears and tale even her eyes

Tony:(Gasping)how and what the..

Nierah:look it wasnt your fault tony it was mine i knew i should of held on longer but i couldnt it was hurting my paws and my jaws felt like they were going to tear off


Nireah:Tony I knew at that particular time i wasnt going to make it. i tried to climb over the other side but it just wasnt worth it i tried but i couldnt i remeberd of garth my sweet sweet pup garth who is now strong like his father i remembered آپ and all the others but i couldnt no matter how hard i tried

Tony:I only wish آپ wold of held on a little bit longer and it was my fault it was my idea to go!! not yours

Nierah begins to walk slowly and puts her paw on tony chest

Nierah:there comes a time when one must give and pass on maby it was my time to go but remeber im always with آپ always

the figure begins to slowly fade away in the air and clouds up to the heavens


the voice kept whispering "always" until she was gone

Tony:always he whispered

a tear starts to stream down the side of his cheek and before آپ know it tony is in tears

Tony:(Crying) ill never forget آپ Nierah